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The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution

31 Dec

I was the pickiest eater when I was little.  I pretty much survived on milk, cheese pizza (yes, only cheese pizza, if there was anything else on it, I would not touch it), macaroni and cheese, turkey hot dogs, and of course, any child’s favorite: junk food.  Cake.  Cookies.  Candy.  Chocolate.  Brownies.  Mmmm…brownies.  I’m not even joking, that was my diet.

Needless to say, I did not want Hannah to be like me.  Sure, I eat healthy now (The first time I told my parents I ate a stir fry with about 10 different vegetables in it, they probably almost died of shock), but that didn’t start to happen until I was 18 years old.  Hannah wasn’t allowed to eat anything even remotely resembling junk food until she was about 2.  You can’t really keep a 2 year old from birthday cake.  They just know too much by then.  And they have a nose for chocolate.  Even if they see a random box, one they’ve never seen before in their life, if it’s filled with chocolate, they’ll know.  And they’ll want some.  I laboriously made all of her baby food.  I started her on all the vegetables before any fruit so she wouldn’t get a sweet tooth.

It didn’t work.  Well, it did for a while.  She used to eat everything I gave her with a gusto. But then she reached toddler-hood.  She learned how to say she doesn’t want something, and she doesn’t eat if she darn well doesn’t want to.  She wants treats all the time.  She is constantly asking for chocolate and lollipops.  I can give her a plate filled with nutritious, delicious food and she will look at it, wrinkle her little nose up and declare “I don’t want any. I’m done eating.” Sigh.

So when I was contacted to review “The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution,” I jumped at the chance.  Heck yes I would like to review it, thank you very much!

I have to admit, I was wanting, expecting, and hoping for a quick fix, miracle-ish solution.  Sorry, but that’s just not possible.  We know it’s not, so don’t even get that into your head.  On the contrary, the book equips parents for the long haul.  It gives us long-term solutions to set up our children’s eating habits for life.  It assured me that I’m not alone in my near daily oh-my-gosh-my-child-won’t-eat-is-she-going-to-be-malnourished worries, and my oh-my-gosh-why-won’t-you-just-take-one-darn-little-bite-before-declaring-my-worked-so-hard-on-it-so-you-would-eat-it-meal-unworthy-of-your-existance frustration and crankiness.  It equipped me with the knowledge I need to not turn eating into a battle, a trauma for my child, or for me.  It calmed my constant frustration about her eating habits (or lack there of).  The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution is a book that every parent of a toddler needs.  Unless you are one of those really lucky ones whose child is like a wonderful vacuum and will eat anything that you throw at her.

It is a great book, but it is a bit repetitive.  Have a read, equip yourself with knowledge, and know that you’re in it for the long haul.  in the mean time, why not try some of this.  I mix it in with Hannah’s juice in the morning, so at least I know she is getting some nutrients (note, I was not compensated, given free samples, or anything for this  product, I just like it).

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The very looooooong night

24 Dec

It’s 3:46am. Sigh. I’ve been awake about 10 times already tonight. I’m gonna be so sleepy tomorrow….

It’s the second night Daniel has been in his cot/crib, rather then the bassinet. I put it off as long as I could, but he’s getting way too big for the bassinet so I didn’t really have a choice. The problem isn’t even that he doesn’t like the cot. He doesn’t care, he likes his cot.

The problem is the rolling. The bassinet is too small for him to roll all the way over in, so he’d just roll to his side and go to sleep. He’s not one for sleeping on his back.

But the cot is much bigger. There’s plenty of rolling room. And roll he does. Not just to his side, but all the way over. And then he cries. He’ll sleep on his tummy, but then after his 40 minute sleep cycle he wakes up and freaks out because he’s on his tummy. Sigh.

I roll him over. He rolls back. Excuse me baby, but if you don’t want to be on your tummy, then WhyDo you roll there? He can roll back, he just doesn’t roll from front to back very often.

I remember when Hannah was a baby, although a bit older then Daniel, she did the exact same thing. It took about 2 weeks for her to be ok with waking up on her stomach and in the mean time, she’d wake up like a million times a night. Fine, that’s an exaggeration, but it sure felt that way. I nearly lost my mind. One of those nights I sat in her room so tired and frustrated that I was crying my eyes out. And I am Not a crier.

After that, she slept on her tummy all the time.

It’s going to be a long couple of weeks… But, we are deliberately making the switch now since Aaron is home for the next week. He is sleeping on the couch so the baby monitor and me getting up all night don’t wake him up, then he’ll be nice and rested so he can take the kids while I nap during the day. Oh yeah, we were prepared this time.

When is Christmas?

22 Dec

Me: “Guess what Hannah?!?!?!”

Silence.  She was probably giving me a funny look, but I was driving at the time, so I can’t really be sure.

Me: “Tomorrow is Friday, then there’s Saturday, then Sunday is CHRISTMAS!!! It’s almost Christmas!!”  Ok, maybe I’m a little more excited than she is, but I can’t wait to see her adorable little face when she opens her presents.

Hannah: “No. Not Sunday, MONDAY.” *giggles*

Me: “No, Christmas is on Sunday.”

Hannah: “No, Monday. hahahahahahahaha.”

Me: “No, Sunday.”

Hannah: “Monday.”

Me: “Sunday.”


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A surprise for Hannah

21 Dec

Hannah loves music.  Singing.  Dancing. That sort of stuff.  So I decided to finally put some Christmas music on my iPod for us to listen and dance to.

“Hannah, I have a surprise for you!”  I told her when she woke up, all excited about seeing her happy little face.

Her face lit up.  Her mouth turned up into a gorgeous big smile. Her face radiated excitement. “BUBBLES!!!!??????!!!!!!!!” She shrieked.


“No sweetie, I put some music on my iPod for us to listen to.  We can dance!”

Her smile turned upside down.  Her face turned to sadness.  There were no bubbles.  “Oh.” She said, clearly disappointed.

I turned on the iPod dock and let the Christmas cheer loose.

“I have my own music.”  She told me as she turned on an annoying tune from her keyboard.


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Cheeky little miss

18 Dec

Hannah (holding a crayon): “Mommy, can I colour on the couch?”

Me: “No sweetie, we only colour on paper.”

Hannah: “Can I colour on my leg?”

Me: “No sweetie.”

Hannah: “Can I colour on…(thinks for a bit) my face?”

Me:  “No sweetie.”

Hannah: “But I can use face paint on my face.”

Me: “yeah, but face paint is special paint just for your face.”

Hannah: “Can I colour on my neck?”

Me: “No sweetie, only on paper.”

Hannah: “Only on walls.”

Me: “Only on paper.”

Hannah: “Only on your foot.”

Me: “Only on paper.”

Yeah, she’s super cheeky.  Just like her daddy….

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The Santa photo

12 Dec

My dad is a photographer.  I used to be a photographer (and of course I can still be one if I so chose…).  So you’d think with cameras around all the time, Hannah would be the most photogenic little thing ever.  Except she’s not.  She never has been.  I hardly have any photos of her smiling.  The only way to get one is to have the person taking the photo pretty much hide in the bushes while Hannah goes about her business.  As soon she sees that camera, the serious face, the frowny face, or the angry face comes out.  Or the running legs, straight towards the camera in hopes of grabbing it.

Needless to say, getting a good Santa photo is pretty much impossible.  Last year The Jess and I took her while Aaron was at work and we ended up having to sit with her in the photo.  That of course, was kind of odd since Aaron wasn’t in the photo, so we had to go back and get one with Hannah and Aaron.

But now Hannah loves Santa.  He features in a couple Mickey Mouse episodes, and even a Dora episode.  I told Hannah we were going to see Santa, and that she’d get to sit with him, and tell him what she wants for Christmas.  She was very excited.  She was asking to go all morning.

Aaron carried her over to Santa’s sleigh, but there was no smile.  No squeal of delight.  No excited “Hi Santa!!”  Nope, there was a frowny face, silence, a lot of staring, and about a foot between her and Santa.

On the other side of Santa, there was a little Daniel, sitting on his lap, ravenously hungry after waiting in the Santa line for half an hour.  Fingers in mouth, eyes anywhere but the camera.  Then the crying started.  Seems babies really are ruled by their stomachs.

Before we got there, I had high hopes of getting the perfect Santa photo.

But instead, it looked like this:

Maybe if Santa wasn’t just sitting there, with his blank stare and unmoving body.  I remember sitting on Santa’s lap when I was little.  He always asked me what I wanted for Christmas, showed lots of enthusiasm and then gave me a candy cane at the end.

A couple days later we decided to try again, since I didn’t have a decent photo to buy the first time.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  I don’t want to see Santa!!!!”  Hannah screamed.  She was not impressed.

The moment her bottom hit that squishy seat next to Santa, her face crinkled up, tears poured from her eyes.  She stood up and held out her little arms, screaming for me to come and get her.

Daniel was in a good mood.  His belly was full, he’d had a good nap. He was smiling like a trooper.  So in the end, this is what we ended up with:

Which is great, if we only had one child.  Oh well, it’s better than nothing.

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