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A surprise for Hannah

21 Dec

Hannah loves music.  Singing.  Dancing. That sort of stuff.  So I decided to finally put some Christmas music on my iPod for us to listen and dance to.

“Hannah, I have a surprise for you!”  I told her when she woke up, all excited about seeing her happy little face.

Her face lit up.  Her mouth turned up into a gorgeous big smile. Her face radiated excitement. “BUBBLES!!!!??????!!!!!!!!” She shrieked.


“No sweetie, I put some music on my iPod for us to listen to.  We can dance!”

Her smile turned upside down.  Her face turned to sadness.  There were no bubbles.  “Oh.” She said, clearly disappointed.

I turned on the iPod dock and let the Christmas cheer loose.

“I have my own music.”  She told me as she turned on an annoying tune from her keyboard.


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