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Tricked into eating beef

29 Nov

I hate beef.  So much so that when I was little (maybe 3, 4, something like that), my parents tried to make me eat it after a lifetime of refusal.  I had to sit at the dining table until the measly little piece of beef of my plate was gone.  My mom sat with me for a long while. I’m stubborn as they come, I could have sat there for days. But then she had things to do.  Horses to ride and feed.  I knew they’d check the toilet, the garbage, all the usual little hidey-holes.  So I wrapped that disgusting piece of beef up in a paper towel and shoved it under the china hutch.  Oh yeah, my little 3 year old brain was awesome!

My parents looked and looked for that piece of beef, before finally coming to the conclusion that I must have eaten it.  Not long after, the house started getting smelly.  Like something rotting.  Ick. Still, no one found my sneaky little stash.  My parents thought some animal crawled under the house (ahem, I mean mobile home/trailer…) and died.  What? It’d happened before.

Any, did I mention I hate beef.  Ick.

So the other day, we went out to tappanyaki for The Jess’ birthday.  Mmmm tappanyaki…..  The chef cooked up some meat and handed it out to each of us.

“Kangaroo.”  He said.

“Kangaroo wasn’t on the menu, is it really kangaroo, because I don’t like beef.  Is it beef?”  I asked, all paranoid.

Everyone assured me it was kangaroo.

“Kangaroo.” The chef said again.

You like kangaroo?” The Jess asked me.

“I had it once.  It was pretty good.”

I put a little piece in my mouth.  It tasted kinda funny.  But then again, it’s been a long time since I had kangaroo.  I ate it anyway.
I put another little piece in my mouth.  No, that wasn’t the yummy taste of kangaroo I remembered.

“Ok, maybe I like kangaroo in small quantities.”  I said as I gave the rest to Aaron.

The chef kept cooking.  We got lots of different little courses.  A little bit later the teriyaki chicken was cooked.  I love teriyaki chicken.  And I certainly know what chicken looks like, cooked or otherwise.

“Crocodile.”  The chef said.

Excuse me?  “No it’s not!” I said.

“Emu.”  He said.

So he’s a cheeky chef.

“Hang on, there was no kangaroo was there?”

“You’re so gullible Sheri.”

You guys suck!

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The life of a zombie

16 Nov

Daniel has been waking once per night for a feed.  Once per night is pretty easy to cope with.  Get him up, feed him for a little bit while I check my emails and stuff on the iPad, put him back to bed.  But then it got hot.  From 30-36 celcius (86-96.8).  Ick.  Did I mention we don’t have an airconditioner?  So Danny boy wants more booby.  Fair enough, when it’s hot, you need more to drink.  He’s been waking at least twice per night for a feed, and then another time around 5 when it’s 15 degrees outside (59f) and starting to get a little cool in their room.  Whenever I put a blanket on Daniel, he kicks his legs about like he’s riding an invisible bicycle in the tour de France.  I end up taking him in the bed with Me and Aaron so he can cuddle me instead of having a little blanket, and so he can have free rein of my boob so we can both get some sleep.

Now I’m pretty much in a zombie state.  Minus the brain cravings of course.  Just walking around, going through the motions while half asleep.


Thank goodness it’s much cooler tonight.  Hopefully we’ll get some shut eye.  Sigh.


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8 Nov

In the U.S., you can hop on into Walmart or somewhere like that and pay $60 to get a whole package of kids portraits.  Not here.  Here you pay at least $70 to buy one 8×10.  But, I couldn’t resist when Little Masterpiece Studio  was in the area.  Probably because I used to work there.  I took so many portraits of little kids sitting with teddy bears, dressed as fairies, chefs, etc.  Now I want photos of my kids like that.

But as I said, the price of photos of here (in Australia…) is quite high, and we are saving for a house.  So, could you please please please click here to see the below photo on Little Masterpiece’s facebook page, and then click the ‘like’ button.  If Hannah and Daniel’s photo gets the most likes, I get a large photo for free.

And yes, that is a tie on Daniel’s shirt.  Adorable!  Thanks for making it Fiona!

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Breastfeeding: Would you do it in public?

4 Nov

I’ve never been one for formula because a) breast milk is very good for babies, b) formula is expensive and I’m…well…cheap, and c) formula seems to require way too much effort for my liking.  Sterilise bottles, mix the formula, heat it up, wash all the bottles. Sigh.

So what happens when a fully breastfed baby is taken out for the day?  Sure, you could express some milk and bottle feed that to the baby.  But some babies, like mine, won’t take a bottle.  To them, a bottle is just an icky plastic thing that someone is trying to shove in their mouths instead of the warm nice booby where they can snuggle up with mommy while having their meal.  A bottle in the mouth induces a wild flapping attack complete with screaming.  Anyone looking on would think the baby is being cruelly tortured.

What do we do?  The baby has to be fed.

Well, I’ll tell you:  I just whip the girls out wherever I am.  Sure if there is a mothers room, I’ll go there to feed Daniel.  They are much easier.  They have nice plush chairs to sit on, a little play area for Hannah, and best of all, they are out of the public eye.  Of course not all places have these awesome mother’s rooms, so often I have no choice.

Like the other week, when The Jess and I took the kids to the city (and by the city, I mean Sydney) to visit Aaron at work for lunch.  Sydney is about an hours train ride from where we live.  We could drive, but driving in the city is a bit scary, and finding parking is virtually impossible and ridiculously expensive. So, train it was.  We got there alright, but by the time we started for home, Daniel was hungry.

No worries, I just fed him on the train.  Everyone else looked very uncomfortable.  No one would sit next to me, opting instead to stand up.

“That’s disgusting.”  I heard one teenager tell her friend.  Well how do you think you got your nutrients when you were a baby?  It didn’t bother me any, my baby was hungry, and no one could even see anything.  Except for the back of a baby.  A baby head was in front of my boob, obscuring it from view, a baby body was in front of my bare stomach (it had to be bare, you gotta pull your shirt up to let the boob out.  Unless you’re wearing a very low top and have floppy boobs (I have neither).  Then you can go over your shirt.) hiding it as well.  I put Daniel’s head in front of me before pulling my breastfeeding bra down, so there is no nipple to be seen the entire time.  Ok fine, except when he decides to pull off and smile at me, but I can’t really control that.  Plus it’s adorable.  But even then, only someone sitting beside me would be able to see it.

Tuesday, Jess, the kids, and I, had to pick up some stuff Aaron bought GraysOnline  .  They have this big area with lounges where you wait while they get your stuff and call your number.  Daniel was hungry.  I sat down and fed him.  He wasn’t finished when they called my number.  I stood up and went to the counter, still feeding Daniel as I walked.  Boy did I get some strange looks.  My stomach was hanging out that time.  Can’t really hide it when standing….

Then we went to Costco where I saw a lady walking around breastfeeding while shopping.  I wanted to hug her.  I thought it was great.  The baby was hungry, she fed it.  Why do people think that’s so weird?  It’s not like there’s anywhere to sit and feed a baby at Costco.  I suppose you could sit on one of their demo outdoor furniture settings (I may have contemplated such a thing…), but I don’t think they would have appreciated that too much.

So would you breastfeed in public?  Why or why not?

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