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26 weeks

30 Mar

Pregnancy: 26 weeks 1 day
Total weight gain: 9 Kilos (19.8 pounds) AARRGGHH!!!

I’ve decided to put the total weight gain in my posts as I think it helps all of you who are overseas to keep up with the development of our pregnancy. Of course, looking at the number, especially in pounds, is a little bit scary. The other day I tried to put on my only pair of shorts (apart from the house only kind) and horrifyingly couldn’t get them past my bum. I’m going to tell myself it is because my bump is quite low and adds circumference to the lower area, but I deep down, I know that my butt has expanded a bit. According to all of the pregnancy books, this is quite normal, and will go away after birth (it better). I know 9 kilos seems like a lot of weight gain, but I certainly don’t think I look like I’ve gained that much. It also helps that people keep telling me that from behind they can’t tell I’m pregnant at all (keep the compliments coming!). According to the baby books and websites, you are supposed to gain 11.5-16 kilos (25-35 pounds) during pregnancy, gaining a pound a week every week after your first trimester. If this holds true for me, I should top out at about 15 kilos (33.8 pounds), which is in the normal range. Of course, according to all the books I’m always classed as “underweight” which means I should gain 28-40 pounds during pregnancy. That makes me feel a little better…. I would feel a lot better if my thighs didn’t rub together when I walk, didn’t feel like I was waddling, and didn’t make involuntary noises when getting up. But, we’ll let that slide. After all, I am growing a human being.

Yesterday I bit the bullet and bought giant panties to accommodate my growing bum. Really, they are only one size bigger then I usually wear, so that’s not so bad. I’ve also discovered that the top of my bump makes a nice little table for putting a cup on. Granted I have to lean back a little bit for this to work, but I normally don’t sit bolt upright anyway (note to self: must teach Mushi good posture). I’ll have to get Aaron to take a photo of my belly table to put on here.

Now that I’m quite obviously pregnant, strangers, contractors at work, the person I’m buying a train ticket from, anyone really, will ask me when I’m due, or how long I have to go. I do find it entertaining when men ask though. There is that tiny bit of time between them asking, and me answering when I can see a look of sheer terror in their eyes, wondering for just a second if they have just asked someone who is not pregnant when her baby is due (something, which it seems, all men are terrified of doing). Then I tell them and can see the relief in their face. One of these days I will give them a funny look and then say I’m not pregnant, just to freak them out.

We are still continuing our quest for a different apartment to rent. We were actually approved for 2 last week, but they both wanted us to move in asap, and our lease doesn’t end until 9 May. We didn’t really want to pay for 2 apartments for a month as that is rather expensive, so we said no. We had a look at one that we really like on the weekend. Hopefully we will be apporved for it and they won’t mind us moving in early May.

Aaron and I have also started a new project: Sheri’s World. Right now it’s just board game reviews (video, not just type) by me, and taped by Aaron, but later I want to do baby stuff and maybe some wii games as well. We made our first one last night, which was really fun. I’ll put a link on here when we put it on You Tube. There are a number of other people who do board game reviews, but no other girls, so I think it will be interesting to a number of (nerdy) people (we kind of had in mind that the board game geeks would use it to show their girlfriends to get them into board games, but it’s also good for anyone who likes board games, or those who want to get into board games). Even if no one watches it, we had a lot of fun making it, and will continue to make new episodes.

That’s all for now, I will write again next week.

21 Mar

As I write this, I’m sitting on my bed with my feet up (wonderful!!), and my sunburnt shoulders covered by an oversized comfortable t-shirt, while watching “The Italian Job.” My idea of a good relaxing day (minus the sunburn). Yesterday I got all dressed up, including facsinator (the things girls wear on their heads to go to the races) to go to a hens day. We played a few rounds of lawn bowls (which contrary to what one may think, is actually quite fun). The sun was shining all day (hence the sunburn). None of us even thought to put on sunscreen for some strange reason. I suppose when you think bowls you think bowling which is inside, even though all of us know lawn bowls are outside. Point is, we all got sunburnt, even the bride who is wearing a strapless dress at her wedding one week from now. Hopefully her burn will fade.

We then went to a very nice terrace house (for those of you who don’t know, a terrace house is a very narrow but tall, usually 3-4 stories, house that has others just like it connected on both sides. They were built in Sydney many years ago. Most have been renovated and restored and still stand today) that the maid of honour rented. She made a lovely high tea including scrumptious pumpkin scones which we all happily scarfed while drinking white peach tea and playing taboo. I unfortunately got one of the not so nice side effects of pregnancy whilst at high tea, very bad leg cramping, which made everyone worry and look at me kinda funny. I walked around for a little while trying to find a comfortable position so my leg muscle would untighten and we could play on. This took a while, but it finally went away. I also had an involuntary farting while sneezing incident, but luckily no one noticed. It’s just so much harder to control such things when pregnant.

Mushi is kicking more now. At least I notice it more probably because he/she is getting bigger on a daily basis. Sometimes the little feet linger against my belly and I can almost grab one. You can visibly see a lot of the kicks. It’s like my belly is alive! I’m also getting more and more akward in my movements, especially getting up. I must look really silly in the morning when trying to get out of bed. I have one of those long pregnancy pillows that I have to get over to then get out of bed. You wouldn’t think that would be a hard task as it’s only as tall as a normal pillow, which, let’s face it, is not that tall, but when you have a big akward belly and all this extra weight on you, it’s like trying to get over a mountain. I think I might have said that already in another post, but I’m pregnant, I forget stuff. Let’s take yesterday for example. Since my strap broke on my big awesome purple purse, I have been using my small purse which only fits my wallet, keys and phone and nothing else. I decided yesterday to take out my wallet and just put in the money I needed and my drivers licence in case I needed it at the bowling club to be able to bowl (I did not), so that I could fit plenty of snacks in there also. What I did forget is my swipe card to get me back into my apartment building, and then up the elevator. Aaron was going to go to Penrith last night to see his friends, but luckily, his friends cancelled. So, I was able to get back inside once I got home. Aaron on the other hand, had to wait for me to actually get in to the apartment. He was looking at a few apartments to rent while I was at the hens day, but forgot his actual keys to unlock the door (sympathetic baby brain?). He had to go to Chatswood to shop, and see a movie by himself all day. Luckily between the two of us, we had everything we needed to get back home. Aaron bought the best juiciest strawberries for me while he was at the shops. MMmmmm… I might go eat some now.

24 weeks

16 Mar

24 weeks Pregnant:
Aaron and I went away this weekend, a lovely present that Aaron got me for my birthday. We were both lucky enough to have Friday off work, so were able to leave at about 1pm which was quite good. I also got my very first Australian drivers licence that morning. About time, it’s only been 8 years! We were both very hungry for lunch by the time we got going, so we thought we’d find some fast food or something on the motorway, but as time went on, nothing was found. We decided to stop in a little whoop whoop town called Mooney Mooney, which seemed to consist of a boat ramp, and one gas station/shop/burger joint. This was all the one store mind you. The things they had on their shelves were actually quite comical. They only had one of each item, and the items were quite random. If you wanted some rice, or plain pasta, you were just plain out of luck. If you wanted a blue odd shaped wooden thingy that kind of resembled a step stool (but didn’t look like it would be very safe or level), then you were in the right place. They did however, have one thing of baby powder (but nothing else for baby). I should have taken a photo of what was on their shelves, but I did not. Anyway, we had fish and chips for lunch there. You would think the man who worked there (and probably owned it) would be happy for any customers, but instead he seemed a bit grumpy at the prospect of having to serve us.

The cabin Aaron booked for us was really good. It was so relaxed, had a bath tub (with jets), kitchen, bedroom, and a tv, dvd player, and cable. Not that the DVD player worked. It was a very good, relaxing weekend. There were some giant ducks hanging about as well that I fed out of my hand (after some coaxing). I was quite alarmed the first night when I got up after playing lots of board games with Aaron and my feet were very swollen and sore. That is the first time I’ve had that in my pregnancy so far. It felt so weird walking on them. Luckily we had the bathtub, I had a nice (lukewarm so as not to cook Mushi) bath and put my feet on the jets which worked a treat.

Mushi seems to really like church. Everytime we go, he/she is very excitable, moving all around and kicking up a storm. This week at church, I saw a lady in the bathroom who told me that a member of the morning congregation (we go to the evening service) just had a baby naturally that weighed 4.5 Kilos (9.9 pounds). I can’t even begin to imagine having a baby that giant, and really really hope that ours does not weigh that much at birth. After all, I’m not that big. We had to leave fairly early from the supper/yakking after church due to my crazy pregnancy reflux. I forgot to bring my Rennie (prego woman safe antacids), and really needed to go home and have some so my throat didn’t feel like it was being slowly burned into nothing.

This morning I took some fish oil tablets (to aid in the growth of Mushi’s brain), and an hour or so later, I burped. It tasted like fish and I couldn’t figure out why. I thought back, I haven’t eaten fish in the last 2 days, what is going on??? Oh yeah, I had a fish oil tablet. Bad idea I tell you! I’ve been burping fish taste all day. It’s not the most pleasant thing in the world. Note to self: next time, spend the little bit more and get “odourless” fish oil tablets. Only about 400 more left in the jar before that can happen….

Oh yeah, (see, the baby brain… it’s making me forget stuff), on Thursday, Aaron and I looked at a granny flat in Chatswood (as we are looking to move out of our tiny 1 bedroom, preferably before the baby is born), but it turned out to be horrid. The picture that was posted on the website clearly showed a dining table, china hutch and couch. When we got there though, all we saw was a kitchen, 2 small bedrooms, and a little bathroom. I have no idea where they supposedly took the photo on the web from as there is absolutely NO WAY a couch and dining table would fit in that little place. One or the other would barely fit, but not both. The web also said it had a yard, which turned out to be a block of cement otherwise known as the carport that goes with the main house. Awesome. Needless to say, we did not apply for said granny flat, nor were we impressed. The agent didn’t even say hi, which I thought was very rude. As if anyone is going to pay $370 per week for something that is smaller then our current tiny one bedroom apartment. Tell him he’s dreaming. And so, the search continues. The problem of course, is that we have guinea pigs, and despite the fact they they are in a cage, and can’t do any sort of damage to a house/apartment/whatever, they are not allowed in most places (and we don’t want to lie and then sneak them in because that is not the right thing to do).

So to sum up being 24 weeks pregnant: I’m so awkward in my movements that it’s comical (especially when trying to get out of bed over my long pregnancy pillow. It seems like I’m trying to get over a mountain, and probably looks that way), my feet have started to whinge at me by swelling if I don’t elevate them some during the day, my stomach acid wants to eat my esophagus (can’t be bothered looking up the spelling on that one, and I’m sorry, but it’s just not a word that I need to spell on a regualr basis), Bending over to pick something up is somewhat of a production which includes involuntary grunts, I’m horrified by the thought of having a giant 4.5 kilo baby, and I don’t great a great nights sleep because I have to wake up to pee at least once during the night. But you know what? This is all part of the beautiful gift of life that is growing inside me, it’s just funny to write about. Oh, and one more thing, my belly button is threatening me more and more each day with thoughts of popping out. I wonder if it will suddenly just pop one day, or slowly become an outy. I shall soon (very by the looks of it) find out!

23 weeks

9 Mar

HHello again! Right now we are 23 weeks and 2 days pregnant. My belly seems to be getting bigger with my belly button threatening to pop out. Despite my protests, my ass also seems to be getting bigger, but I could be imagining that…. Aaron and I got a toddler bible which we started to read to Mushi the other day. I’m starting to get fairly bad reflux, which apparently only gets worse as time goes on and Mushi gets bigger, pressing against my stomach and pushing the acid up.ello again! Right now we are 23 weeks and 2 days pregnant. My belly seems to be getting bigger with my belly button threatening to pop out. Despite my protests, my ass also seems to be getting bigger, but I could be imagining that…. Aaron and I got a toddler bible which we started to read to Mushi the other day. I’m starting to get fairly bad reflux, which apparently only gets worse as time goes on and Mushi gets bigger, pressing against my stomach and pushing the acid up.

For some reason, I want lots of foods which I sometimes used to eat, but now since I can’t have them, really want them. I seem to be compiling a list of things I’m going to eat as soon as the baby pops out (although someone asked me if I could still eat them when breastfeeding. I’m not quite sure, but am really hoping yes!). I really want a kebab (not like meat on a stick, like a lebanese type kebab, with the dodgy chicken, tabouli, sun dried tomatoes etc.), even though one usually only eats a kebab when drunk/half drunk and nothing else is open, a chicken hotdog (although I do wonder if I could eat that now if properly cooked), Feta, brie, and camembert cheese, soft serve ice cream, runny yolk eggs, etc. It seems I may put on more weight after the baby is born, with all the things I want to eat!

I don’t think I have weird cravings, but I do have cravings. Unfortunately, at the moment I’m craving things I can’t get in this country. I could really go some peanut butter cup ice cream (why oh why didn’t I get some on my visit??!!), and wheat thins (but not together, as I said, I don’t crave weird things or odd combinations). If only I had enough room in my bag to bring back some wheat thins…. Ok, I need to stop now because it’s just making me hungry.

I also have a serious case of the baby brain. The other day I was changing clothes after work, and got my dress and purple crop top out (so my boobs don’t pop out of my dress), but then spent 10 minutes looking for the purple crop top only to find that I had already gotten it out of the closet. I also locked the work keys in the storeroom one day. They were locked in there all night until someone who was on after me could find a spare. I went to get a lightbulb out of the store room, but when I was confronted with all the different wattages and types, I put down the keys to search for the right one. Proud of myself for finally finding it, I left the storeroom and closed the door, only to realise that I had locked the keys inside.

Up until now, I didn’t really get extra hungy, I just pretty much ate the quantities I usually ate. Now though, I’m ravenous! Maybe that is contributing to the expanding ass….

Thanks for listening (and it’s so great that I’m doing this whilst at work, getting paid).

22 weeks, 4 days

5 Mar

5 March 2009

Hi Everyone,
Aaron and I decided to make a family blog so that you can keep up with our expanding little family. Today we are 22 weeks and 4 days pregnant. We have decided to call the little one Mushi while in the womb so we didn’t have to call him (we don’t know if it is a he or she, and have decided to wait until born to find out, but rather then saying it, we will say he) it anymore. Mushi currently enjoys kicking Mommy’s insides, and teasing Daddy by not kicking when Daddy (or anyone else) is trying to feel it. Mushi is due on July 5th.
Yesterday was a very good day for us, I had a nice birthday, and Aaron got a new job that he will like more and learn more from. We are going to start looking around for a new place to live very soon as our lease runs out, and we currently live in a small one bedroom apartment which definitely won’t work once Mushi is born.

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