PR/Sponsored/guest posts

Reviews – I no longer do reviews on Mommy Adventures. I have a reviews only blog A Mom’s reviews. Please contact me ( if you’d like me to do a review. Mention of the review gets posted on the Mommy Adventures Facebook page, and a link gets permanently posted on my “stuff I’ve reviewed” page here on Mommy Adventures.  I don’t review anything I’m not interested in as the only thing I get out of doing reviews is the product itself, so reviewing something I’m not interested in would just waste my time. But, reviewing stuff I think I’ll like usually  means you’ll get a good review. Unless your product turns out to be crap. I don’t review things like phone/iPad apps because I would only get a couple bucks worth of app and would have to spend hours testing it and writing about it. I have better things to do with my time, thanks.

Sponsored / Guest Posts – I put up a sponsored / guest post every Thursday. Both cost money, I don’t advertise you or your stuff for free. Don’t email me offering to give me a unique, 500 word post “for free” to post on my blog. Um… yes, it will cost you money, not me. Sponsored posts I can write for you, or you can write them. It costs more for me to write them, for obvious reasons. All sponsored posts are declared as such, don’t ask me if I can just post it without the “this post is sponsored by” bit. Because I won’t. I don’t think that’s ethical. All guest posts are declared as such also. Most sponsored posts are also guest posts, since I didn’t write them. They will be declared as both. I.e. “This post is written and sponsored by Company A” or “This post is written by Bob Smith and sponsored by company B.” You get the idea. Contact me for rates.

If you are writing the post for me to put up, don’t pretend to be me. I’m not going let people think I wrote something when I did not.

Mommy Adventures has readers from all over the world, the majority being from the U.S./Canada, Australia, and the U.K.

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