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Cheeky little miss

18 Dec

Hannah (holding a crayon): “Mommy, can I colour on the couch?”

Me: “No sweetie, we only colour on paper.”

Hannah: “Can I colour on my leg?”

Me: “No sweetie.”

Hannah: “Can I colour on…(thinks for a bit) my face?”

Me: ¬†“No sweetie.”

Hannah: “But I can use face paint on my face.”

Me: “yeah, but face paint is special paint just for your face.”

Hannah: “Can I colour on my neck?”

Me: “No sweetie, only on paper.”

Hannah: “Only on walls.”

Me: “Only on paper.”

Hannah: “Only on your foot.”

Me: “Only on paper.”

Yeah, she’s super cheeky. ¬†Just like her daddy….

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