The Others

Aaron – Aaron is my husband of 7 years.  He is awesome.

Grandma – Grandma is actually Aaron’s Grandma, but everyone calls her Grandma.  Nearly everyone.  We lived with Grandma until recently when we started renting a little 2 bedroom apartment.  Grandma is stubborn, a hoarder (not like the people on that TV show hoarders.  She’s not that bad, all her hoarded stuff is shoved in cupboards and sheds, not all over the floor), and an accidental comedian.  She is hilarious.

YaYa – Aaron’s mum.  YaYa lived a short plane ride away until recently when she moved back in with Grandma (and we moved out, because 3 grown women who are all stubborn, want things run their way, and want to be mom, just can’t live together.  Plus 4 adults and 2 kids and one bathroom?  No thanks, we’re not the Brady Bunch.)

The Jess/Jess/Auntie Jess – Aaron’s sister/my best friend.  Her husband thinks we’re co-dependant.  Whatever.

Jim – The Jess’ husband.  After many years of liking each other but never admitting it, they are finally married.

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