Daniel was born in August 2011 4 days late after my water broke in amazing fashion (you can read my birth story here), an overnight stay in the hospital and then Aaron nearly missing the birth.

My cute little Daniel

Daniel is a very content little boy except when he’s hungry and I can’t feed him right at that second (yeah, he’s a booby monster).  He is a very good napper (thank goodness), and doesn’t spend half the night screaming in our ears until falling asleep.  He’s a very good baby.  He gazes at me like I’m the most important and best thing he’s ever seen while giving me the biggest, cutest little smile.  I can’t get enough of it! Before Daniel was born, I wondered how I could possibly love another child as much as I love Hannah, but the instant I held him in my arms, I fell in love with him. I’ll have to add more about Daniel when he’s a bit older and does more than eat, sleep, poop, smile, coo, gaze, and cry.

Aaron, Daniel, Hannah, and Me a few hours after his birth

Daniel @ 6 months old

Ok, he’s a bit older now, so I can tell you all about him… If I had to describe Daniel in one word, it would be jolly. He is always laughing, giggling, singing his little wordless baby songs.  At 6 months old, he started crawling. At 7 months old, he is pulling himself up and cruising.  He doesn’t like letting me sleep at night, but instead prefers to wake at least twice so that I can be in a permanent zombie state. Danny boy is a jolly, chubby little thing. Lucky for me, he loves cuddles and kisses. Unlucky for me, he also likes to bite. Especially my collar bone. In the same spot. All the time. He enjoys holding on, which equates to pinching. Once I looked like I had a gnarly hickey right on my neck.  But no, it was just from Daniel’s super pinchy grip.


HE’S SO CHEEKY! Daniel enjoys telling me no, climbing on anything and everything, pulling his sister’s hair, throwing himself on the floor when he doesn’t get what he wants, turning himself into stiff baby and screaming when I attempt to put him in his car seat or dress him, looking at books, pulling things off shelves, making messes, and eating. He is still extremely adorable and sweet (when he’s not doing most of the above things), but by golly, he’s cheeky.

He’s the kind of child who will grab something he’s not supposed to have and then run the other way whilst giggling because he thinks it’s hilarious. Yes, that’s my boy.


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  1. Melissa November 21, 2012 at 2:21 pm #

    Beautiful children you have there (:

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