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Anthropogenic Eutrophication. Wait, what?

25 May

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog since I started university, sorry about that…. All of my kid free time is taken by reading textbooks, watching lectures, completing assignments, running (more on that some other time, but in short, I’m training for a half marathon), and of course, hanging out with Aaron.  But I’m not just going to uni to get a degree that will enable me to have a good job by the time Daniel is at school, I’m studying sustainable agriculture and food security so that I can make a difference.  I want every person in every country to have enough food to eat.  And I don’t mean genetically modified rice and potatoes, or sugar laden processed foods, I mean sustainably farmed, nutrient dense, diverse foods.

What does this have to do with anthropogenic eutrophication? Current agriculture practices are a huge cause of anthropogenic eutrophication, but most people have no idea what that even is.  I know I didn’t until recently.  Everyone knows about densely packed feedlots and mistreated animals, but how many people know about anthropogenic eutrophication?  Seriously, how many of you know about it?

Here is a video I made as an assignment for one of my classes. Now you’ll know what anthropogenic eutrophication is, how it is linked to algal blooms, and why university takes up all my time.

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