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The poo incident

25 Mar

Mommy has been trying to teach me to clap. Ok, I should say trying to get me to clap because I learned how to a while ago. I just haven’t had anything so good that I needed to pull out my new clapping trick for. Until today that is.

I have been trying to find a good pair of black shoes for a while now. Well, I found lots of them, but finding them in my size is another story. Needless to say, Hannah has been bored out of her mind in the stroller for a couple of shopping trips now. Today I finally found a good cute little pair of black flats that actually fit me. They even have some sparkles on them! Just as I picked them up after trying them on, Hannah clapped! I got so excited that I dropped everything right there in the middle of the aisle and loudly said “Yay!!!” while wildly clapping myself. I’m sure I looked a little looney to everyone around, but I don’t care, my baby clapped and I was going to encourage her no matter what.

Mommy had been trying on shoe after shoe while I sat there, watching, bored bored bored in my pram. “This is the one Bubba, it’s cute and it actually fits!” Hallelujah to that Mommy, let the boredom end! Now that was a reason to clap!
“oh, these ones are cute too,” Mommy reached for another shoe. NOOOOOO!! In my disgust, I cried. And you know what? Mommy didn’t try on any more shoes.

Every Saturday I get to sleep in. Aaron gets up at 7ish when Hannah wakes up, changes her nappy, gets her dressed, and then plays with her until 8, when I get up and feed her. I love my Saturday morning sleep ins, and look forward to them every week as only a sleep deprived first time mom can. Then on Sundays, Aaron gets to sleep in while I get up at 7ish when Hannah wakes up. Good deal I think. This Saturday, however, something disrupted my little much needed sleep in.
“Boo!!!” I heard Aaron calling me from Hannah’s room. Hmmm…Should I pretend to be asleep? It is my sleep in morning after all.
“What?” It must be urgent, he knows I love my sleep in. I got up.
It was the smell that hit me first. I always know when Hannah has done a poo, but usually the smell seems to be a little contained at least. This time it seemed to be everywhere, seeping into my nostrils from all directions.
“I need some help.” Aaron said. I looked down. There she was, stark naked, Aaron holding her armpits so she could stand up. I looked down further. I wonder if my face gave away my surprise, horror, bewilderment, and ultimately the sense of ewwwww that I felt right at that moment. She was wearing a nappy when I put her to bed. Unfortunately, she seems to have found a way to take it off. I have no idea how, she was wearing a sleeping bag after all. I guess she wanted both Daddy and Mommy to pay her some attention that morning. Did I mention she always does a poo when she wakes up? Hannah’s feet were COVERED in poo. Aaron called her “Poo Shoes.” Next to her little cheeky feet was the nappy, freely sitting at the bottom of her sleeping bag. All over her sleeping bag…poo. Everywhere. Yes, this was definitely a 2 person clean up job. I had a look at her bed and sure enough, a little turd and it’s poopstreak friend sat there, patiently waiting to be cleaned up. I had only put those sheets on the day before! When we got her new pink soft sleeping bag for $20 at Target, I thought the slit in the front and back so you could put them in their sleeping bag and then strap them into the pram or car seat or what have you, was a fantastic idea. Now, not so sure. Safety belt slits are apparently good de-nappying and poo escaping holes.

Hannah – other stuff this week:
We went to Grandma’s house on the weekend, and I got to play with the little walker thing that Grandma bought for me. It was so much fun! It has 4 wheels and a handle so I can stand up, hold on, and then walk, walk walk! Mommy sat at one end of the hallway, and Daddy on the other. I couldn’t figure out how to turn the walker around, so I would walk down the hallway, then Mommy or Daddy would turn me around and I’d walk back the other way. I wish I had one of those at home!
One day I was in the bath, and I grabbed the side of the bath and stood up. “oh, there’s a boat,” I thought. I grabbed it, held it in both hands, and put it in my mouth. I always have to see if something is edible. Of course, Mommy tells me that lots of things I think taste perfectly fine aren’t for eating. Like the other day. I found a nice looking hair ball under the tv stand and put it in my mouth. Mommy said it wasn’t edible and pulled it out of my mouth, but I got to eat some of it. Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, so I had the boat and was trying to eat it when Mommy said “What a clever girl, you’re standing all by yourself!!!” Oh, wow, I really was. But then I realised and couldn’t balance anymore and sat down. I can stand for about 5 seconds now all by myself!! Mommy and Daddy get so excited when I do, so I’m going to try really hard to stand longer.
My mouth really hurts. I try to sleep like a good girl, but it’s really hard because my gums are so sore. My top tooth is trying to grow, but it’s being really mean to me and taking a long, painful time. I have a cold too, so I keep coughing and waking myself up. I don’t like teeth.


17 Mar

“What’s that?” I would ask my Mom Mom, but I’m little, I can’t talk yet. I watched it move around and bobb it’s silly little head up and down as it walked. I wonder why it does that? I don’t do that when Mom Mom helps me walk. It doesn’t seem to have any arms. I think I’ll follow it and see what it does.
“Hannah, you are so cute, are you chasing the birdies?” Mom Mom said
Oh, so it’s a birdy. I thought birdies flew. I haven’t seen one walking around though, what a silly birdy. I wonder why it’s walking in big circles instead of flying. I’ll crawl faster and try to catch it so I can ask it. I wonder if it speaks Bubba? Birdy walks too fast for me, I can’t catch it! Mom Mom is laughing. I guess she thinks the birdy and it’s bobbing head is funny too. What’s that?
“No Hannah, you can’t eat leaves, you already tried that remember.” Oh yeah. Oh, I forgot, I was chasing the birdy. Oh, he can fly! I don’t think I can fly. No, I definitely can’t fly. I guess he’ll get away from me.

Other stuff this week:
Hannah enjoyed her first jumping castle and face painting experience yesterday. She actually stayed relatively still while getting her face painted. So cute! Daddy held her on the edge of the jumping castle and bounced her up and down. She loves bouncing! We couldn’t let her crawl around inside as the bigger kids would have unintentionally trampled all over her. Guess she’ll have to wait until she’s bigger. There were colourful animal balloons that she kept trying to swan dive out of our arms to grab off other kids.

The countdown is on until moving day. Next month! Can’t wait….

There was something else I wanted to write about, but I can’t remember what it was. Maybe I’ll remember next week.

Go Go Gadget Arms

10 Mar

Time since birth: 8 months

“Mum. Mum.” I looked down to see Hannah standing, holding on to the chair I was sitting in with a funny look on her face.
“Blleeett.” She threw up a little and gave me another funny look.
“BLLLEETT.” This time it went all over my pants and the floor.
“What’s wrong Sweat Pea.” Some times she does little spit ups, but this was not normal behaviour for Hannah. Her little eyes were pleading with me, but I had no idea what she was trying to tell me. She still looked like something wasn’t quite right. I patted her back.
Something caught my eye “What’s this?” I asked as I reached in her mouth. I grabbed a hold of it and pulled. To my surprise and amazement, and entire unscathed leaf emerged from her mouth. This was no tiny leaf, it was about as long as my forefinger, and as wide as 1.5 of my fingers. Pretty big for a tiny baby mouth.
“Where did you get this from?” We were inside, and as far as we could tell, there was not a leaf in sight. She hadn’t been playing outside either, and I hardly took my eyes off of her the whole morning. She hadn’t been choking on it, just looked rather uncomfortable as it was in her mouth and down her throat. Cheeky baby.

I think we are living in the apartment of continual disappointment. First there was the mold (that keeps punking us no matter what we do), then the windows that the painters stupidly painted shut (and didn’t put the screens back on when they were painting), and the bathroom taps that are so leaky you need super strength to turn them off, the crappy toilet seat that was growing mold under the clear top bit where it was sealed in there and I couldn’t ever clean it, the oven that will only work if you set the timer (and I sometimes forget and think it’s heating up only to find out it’s cold when I go to put dinner in), the fan in the laundry room that sometimes works a tiny bit, but mostly just makes “I’m dying kill me now” noises, the cockroaches that won’t go away and poop all over our dishes, the blinds that fell on my head because they weren’t put up properly, snails eating all of our mail, noisy old windows that make creepy loud banging noises at the slightest hint of wind, a lawn under our bedroom windows that is supposed to be for our apartment only but other people do loud things like hammering on, and now, to top it all off, we went away for one night, only one night, only to find some sort of maggots crawling all over the ceiling in the kitchen. Not one or two or three, but heaps of them, and moths flying around in the cupboard (so maybe that type of moth comes from maggoty looking things?). It’s not like I left food out or dirty dishes in the sink. I did every single dish before we left, and emptied the garbage. I really don’t want to know where they came from or why they all of a sudden decided to take over the kitchen. Let’s just say there were lots of scared girly noises with flailing arms made by me, and then Aaron walking on the kitchen benches in order to get and kill all of the disgusting little maggoty things. Can’t wait to move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that babies have go go gadget arms. Things that should be very much out of Hannah’s reach seem to always make their way into her inquisitive little hands. She somehow managed to reach all the way up to the tray of her highchair to pull off a magazine. It’s only a portable, goes on top of a normal chair high chair, so it’s not as high as a normal one, but still, the tray is way above her little head.

Hannah has turned into quite the little chatter box, mostly when we’re in the car. She usually says Mum repeatedly, but can also say: Dad, bum, bubba, and what sounds remarkably like hi, but isn’t quite.

Mum Mum

1 Mar

“Achoo!” Aaron called me from the bedroom “Boo, you have to come see this!” I went in and looked at Hannah. A giant snot bubble was coming out of her nose. Poor baby. At the same time though, I had a little laugh, and got out the camera. I had to document her first grossly hilarious snot bubble. Hannah has been a bit sick since last Saturday. She got a cold, probably from one of the kids in creche. I took her to the doctor last Saturday just to make sure it wasn’t an ear infection or anything (I can never be too careful with my little baby!), as she also had a fever. They said it was just a cold. She woke up numerous times every night since her poor little nose was blocked. Babies only breathe through their noses, so they get quite distressed when it’s blocked. Needless to say, I’m in a state of zombie-ness. I didn’t write last week, due to said zombie-ness, and well, I really couldn’t be bothered. Hannah gave me, Aaron, Grandma, and The Jess her cold, so when she was sleeping, I was sleeping. Blogging just seemed like entirely too much effort. She still has her cold. I think it’s getting better though. She doesn’t seem to be coughing as much, and I haven’t had to wipe her nose all the time. We borrowed a vapouriser from someone at Church (thank you Beth!!!!!!), which really really helped her night sleeping. The first night, she only woke to feed once, which was a vast improvement on the 5+ times she had been waking due to a blocked nose. I think I need to invest in one of those. So worth it!

I was supposed to take Hannah to Tresillian (place to get help with baby sleeping problems on my birthday (hey, I wasn’t about to turn down the earliest appointment they had, even if it was for my birthday), but they called one morning and asked if I could come in. Sure I had to hurry and shower, get Hannah ready, get our lunches ready, nappy bag, toys, sleeping stuff, etc., but I wanted to nip this non napping crisis in the bud asap, so I said yes. I won’t lie, it was really hard. The whole idea is controlled crying; teaching Hannah to put herself to bed. Sometimes she does the “I’m gonna die” cry (where it certainly sounds like if I don’t come in right then, she will die), which rips my heart out. They told me that if that is what gets me in there, then that is what she has learned gets me in there. She isn’t hungry, hot, cold, wet, etc when she does it, so it’s not anything to worry about. The plan consisted of first waiting 15-20 minutes after I put her down for her nap to let her try to put herself to sleep (even if she is crying, I don’t go in), then if she is crying, go in, lay her down (she is usually standing), pat her back (she sleeps on her tummy) and settle her down, and stay for a while, then go, and come back every 5 minutes or so. It took her 35 minutes to sleep the first time, and she slept for 1 hour. Much better then the 15 minutes she was doing before. Oh, and I can’t feed her to sleep anymore. Ok, this time, I really won’t give in, I will not feed her to sleep anymore. For her second nap of the day, she didn’t nap at all. We tried for an hour and a half, but got nothing except ear piercing cries. Poor Bubba.
I also had to make a bedtime routine, and stick to it every single time. Our new routine is: put sleeping bag on, give her a cuddle, sit her in her cot, read her a story, lay her down, put the blinds down and turn the sleepy music on, stroke her hair and say “sleepy time,” turn the light off and exit the room. The first couple of days were pretty hard, but they are supposed to be. Now for her naps, I’m happy to report that she goes to sleep within 5 minutes, but usually within 1, and if she cries, it’s only a weak little protest cry, then she is out. Sigh of relief. Nights aren’t going so well, but I’m pretty sure that is just because of her cold. It has been taking an hour or more to get her to sleep at night then she has been waking and waking (except for the last few nights when we borrowed the vapouriser). As I said though, I’m pretty sure that is just her nose giving her grief. Why is it that when you have a cold, the stuffy nose seems way worse at night??

Hannah would like everyone to know that she is a little Aussie (for those Americans reading this, that is pronounced Ozzy, like Ozzy Osbourne) girl. Aaron was eating vegemite toast one morning when, as usual, Hannah crawled over and looked at him with those “Daddy, you know you want to give me what ever it is that you are eating” eyes. I said she could try some vegemite toast. I thought for sure she’d absolutely hate it, but to my surprise (and bewilderment), she loved it. I think she would have eaten Daddy’s entire toast if he let her.

There is one thing that all moms can’t wait to hear – when your little one says Mum, Mama, Mum Mum, or the like, for the very first time. I was feeding Hannah her lunch when out of the blue, she said Mum. clear as day, not a “what did you just say” kind of thing, there was no question that she said Mum. I don’t know if she knows what it means (I would like to delude myself to say that she does), but she certainly knows it gets my attention. If I’m in the kitchen and she is in the living room, she will crawl over to the makeshift barricade I made (two blown up thermarest mattresses across the doorway, one side held in place by the couch, the other with a vacuum cleaner, reinforced with a chair in the middle of the door way to prevent the bust ins that were happening), stand up, look at me, and yell “Mum!” How can I not give her a cuddle or a smile or play with her when she does that? Every time she says Mum I’m pretty sure my smile gets a little wider. I better watch out or I will end up looking like a demented clown or something. She also said bum this morning. I suppose that was bound to happen when she says Bubba and Mum all the time. Put them together, and what do you get? Bum. Hahahaha, bum is so much funnier when it’s a baby saying it!

And yes, it is my birthday this week. Happy birthday to me. I’m getting old.

To finish off, here is a little rant, as it annoys me every time.
Dear newspaper publishers: Why must you put staples in your newspapers? Do you like to unnecessarily contribute to depleting the worlds steel supply? I can’t figure out the purpose to using staples to bind together your newspapers which already stay together as they have a nice fold right down the centre. Do you like to spend money unnecessarily on staples? Pay for unnecessary machines to put said useless staples in your newspapers? “Can I read the sports section?” someone asked me. “Sure,” I wasn’t reading it, and sharing is caring. “Oh wait, sorry, I can’t pull out the sports section because this silly newspaper is STAPLED TOGETHER.” Why don’t I just pull the section off? I would, but you use unnecessarily large staples which fail to free sections of paper when you pull at them. Instead, half of the page is torn away, the other half still sticking unnecessarily to the big stupid unnecessary staple. Why don’t I just pull the staple off? Sounds easy enough, but we’re not talking about normal easy to pull off normal sized staples, we are talking about unnecessarily large nail breaking, finger poking, don’t want to unbend staples. “Hey, want to put some newspaper through the shredder to make some guinea pig bedding?” “Great idea. Oh wait, we can’t, it will kill the shredder because it’s STAPLED TOGETHER!” What were you thinking newspaper publishers?

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