Mommy took me to the park!

16 Jul


I was SO bored in the house today.  I’ve played with my toys so many times.  BORING!  Mommy used to take me places to play with other babies, but she hasn’t for a while, something about school holidays, and she’ll take me soon.  I don’t know, but I’m so bored at home!  So, Mommy took me to the park!!  I love the park.  The ground is really funny at the park.  I can pick it, drop it, lay in it in make angels, push it around, etc.  Why isn’t the ground at my house like that?  I also really like the swing, but there was a boy on it the whole time we were there, so I couldn’t go on it.  I really like the park.  I saw another baby, maybe a bit older then me there, but her Daddy wouldn’t let her play with me because she kept trying to poke me in the eye.  That’s ok, I like to poke people in the eye too.  It’s just what we babies do.  It’s like doggies, they always sniff eachother bottoms when they meet.  Well, we poke eachother when we meet.  Maybe Mommy will take me to the park again tomorrow!  I really like it at the park.  Here are some photos.  Bye bye *waves*!!

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