Bring on the underwire!

14 Jul

It’s exciting, but sad at the same time.  That’s right, Hannah is officially weaned.  I have successfully breastfed her for an entire year, so it’s kind of exciting to have my boobs back, but sad that we don’t have that close bonding anymore.  Hannah seems to be feeling a bit upset about it and has been super clingy every morning.  If I put her down, she reaches up her cute little arms as high as she can, looks right into my eyes with that sweet “mommy, please pick me up, I love you!” look on her face.  How can I resist?  Plus, I want her to feel like she is still special and worthy of my time, so I have been carrying her around every morning as I prepare our breakfast.

I have been preparing for weaning.  Every night when I fed her, I gave her less and less time on the breast.  Then the other night, she slept all the way through, not a peep until 7am.  That was it, it was time.  I did have to commence patting for twice the next night, but I didn’t give in, and she went back to sleep.  The night after that, she woke for a while at 12am, cried loudly, then went back to sleep.  Last night, she slept from 7:30pm to 7:30am.  I hope that becomes the norm.   There has been no sign of the melons I used to get after missing just one feed.  I wonder what happens to all of the unused milk that must be hiding in there somewhere.

Finally, I can bust out my pre-pregnancy underwire, nice looking bras.   Hmmm…where did I put them??

Ok, so about 5 minutes after I wrote this post, I started leaking.  So much for fuss free weaning.  Let’s just hope there is no mastitis in my future.

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