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Doodle or Hoo-hoo?

11 Mar

We just got back from holidays in Merimbula (hence the absence of blog posts).  We had a great time, but more on that in another post.  I have something more exciting to share:  Today, we found out the sex of our unborn baby.  So, do you want to know what it is??

We walked to the hospital and found the waiting room full of other soon-to-be mums, uncomfortable in their seats with their full bladders, unhappy that they had to wait, their bladders filling more and more with each passing moment.  The girl next to me told me her appointment was 40 minutes ago and she still hadn’t seen the sonographer (is that what they’re called?).  Sigh.  It’s cruel to make pregnant women wait with our full bladders, not allowed to pee.

Somehow, I got called about 5 minutes after arriving.  All the other mums-to -be were still sitting there, waiting their turn.  Hey, I’m not complaining, I don’t know how they figure out who gets to see the doctor when, so it’s not like I jumped the queue.

When we got in the ultrasound room, they had a tv screen above the bed so we could easily see what was going on on the ultrasound without craning my head at an awkward uncomfortable angle to see the screen the technician was working from.

He showed us the head, the heart, the backbone, the kidneys, the stomach, a couple of 3D shots of the head, they showed us everything.  What, you want to know about those parts?

Drumroll please….

“It’s a boy!” he told us.

“Yeah, I’m not surprised, I always knew it was a boy.”  I told him.  I really wasn’t surprised.  I did always figure it was a boy.

“See, you’re not going to be surrounded by girls for the rest of your life.”  I told Aaron.  He grew up with his sister, his mum, and his grandma.  Now he has me, Hannah, and Grandma.  Always surrounded by girls.  It will be good for Aaron to have another boy around.

We are so excited!!!!  Now to paint the room and get lots of boy things.

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