Chicken nuggets

2 Dec

“I know how they make chicken nuggets, Daddy.” Hannah said to Aaron whilst eating a nugget the other day.

“How do they make them?” Aaron asked her.

“They put a chicken in the blender and out comes a chicken nugget.”

“Who told you that?”

“I just know.”

In other news, here is an awesome desktop ecosystem on KickStarted called the EcoQube.  I don’t usually spread the news about KickStarter projects, but I found this one particularly interesting and awesome, so I wanted to tell you about it too.


For us, it would be perfect for a number of reasons: 1. Daniel likes fish but I don’t want to have to clean out a tank. 2. It grows a plant. 3. It will help me teach the kids about ecosystems.

That's what I'm talking about

That’s what I’m talking about

4. Considering I’m taking an entire course about sustainable agriculture, it’s highly relevant to my interests.

See, totally relevant to my interests (feeding the world)

See, totally relevant to my interests (feeding the world)

To put your pledge in for the EcoQube on KickStarter, click here.

*I was not paid to mention this project, but they are going to send me one when manufacturing starts (and I’m really excited!).

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One Response to “Chicken nuggets”

  1. Working Mom December 7, 2013 at 4:44 am #

    This is a great post! It’s my first time to hear about this thing. But I do know of different projects in other countries that use this set-up for sustainable living. Agreed. This is a useful tool in teaching our kids that everything in our planet are interrelated like the ecosystem principle. Destroy a part of it and its entirety will be affected.

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