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3 Dec

I’ve talked about how I used to hate running. Ugh, I loathed it. I get so bored and after a while my lungs burn and my legs hurt. But then I discovered I could be distracted from all of that by putting my iPod on the little shelf of the treadmill at the gym, and watch The Amazing Race as I run. Since I don’t really get a lot of time to myself to watch things I want to watch (kids, hanging out with husband, housework, blog, etc.), it’s like a 2 for 1. I get fit and I get to have some me time and watch whatever I want to watch.

When I was away, I ran with The Jess on the beach (because she lives across the street from the beach). Not boring, at all. It’s so nice running at the beach. The first time, we ran 2 kilometers on the sidewalk from the pier near her house to the next one down the beach. And then back again.

sunset over beach

Taken with iPhone whilst running 4kms. I’m surprised the horizon is as straight as it is.

I’d never run 4km’s all in one go in my entire life. 3.something was my previous max. As I said, I’m just not a natural runner. Running is quite hard for me and takes a whole lot of effort even for short distances.

run on beach

Our run and stats as seen on my Runkeeper account

By the end of the run, I was pretty buggered. I tried to do some sit ups when we got back to The Jess’ house, but nearly threw up, so I  had to wait a few minutes.

The second time we went for a run, we ran barefoot on the waters edge. Seriously, if I could do that everyday, I would. There’s something about running on the sand that is amazing. We only ran under 2km’s as it’s so much harder running in sand. Plus we wanted to do a faster paced run.

beach running

Our barefoot on the beach run

We made pretty good time considering we were running barefoot on sand. The Jess sprinted the last 50 meteres to get a better time. Not that she could show her better time, since it was me timing it on my phone with Runkeeper. She hoped I would sprint with her. And I would have. Except I really had to poop, and I think had I sprinted, I would have pooped my pants. Yes, you read that right. I’m gonna let the cat out of the bag on this one: Something that people who don’t run don’t realise about running is that it makes you need to poop. Not when you go on a leisurely jog, but when you really go hard, even for short distances. According to a Dutch study, 45% of runners experience the urgent need to poop when running.

Have you ever seen a running race? There are portable toilets not just at the beginning and end, but during the race as well. Before I started running, I always thought they were for peeing. HA! Think again people! Those toilets are for urgent runners poop.

“Why didn’t you sprint?” Jess asked me when I got to the pier a little bit after her.

“I would have, but I also would have pooped myself. We need to get to the bathroom fast!”

“Uh-oh, I need to go too.”

We planned to have a nice leisurely walk back to the pier near her house on the waters edge, talking and splashing our feet as we went.

Instead, we went on the sidewalk above the beach in near silence as we both used all of our concentration on clenching as tight as we could to not poop ourselves.

The bathroom was halfway down the beach. 1km away. We walked as fast as we could whilst still maintaining optimal clinching. Finally, we saw the toilet block.

“I really hope no one is in there.” I said to The Jess.

A girl came out just as we went in.

Lucky for us, there were two stalls. And no one else in there. Phew. Unluckily, we weren’t wearing shoes and had to brave the dirty public restroom barefoot.

“Don’t listen.”

“You either.”

I felt so much better afterwards. I reached for the toilet paper. Crap.

“Jess, there’s no toilet paper! Please tell me you have toilet paper over there!”

“I do.”

She couldn’t pass it under the side because the wall went all the way down.  I had to wait until she was done and out to pass some under the door.

“Oh crap. No soap either.”

We walked down to the beach and scrubbed our hands with sand and salt water, whilst trying not to let the phone I stashed in my bra fall into the water.

At least we got half of our leisurely walk in.

On another note, there is an art exhibition in Sydney from 6-8 December called Alpabetica  which has been designed to raise funds for the Dandelion Support Network – a not-for-profit organisation started by mums, that provides much needed baby equipment to less fortunate families in NSW and ACT.

26 local and internationally renowned artists, illustrators and typographers, including the likes of Jeff Rogers (US) and Steve Wilson (UK) have each created their own unique interpretation of a single letter of the alphabet, which will be displayed and on sale between 6-8th December at Sydney’s ‘He Made She Made’ gallery in Darlinghurst. I bet kids will love it! (I did not receive anything for this blurb, I am just supporting the cause and think it’s a great idea).

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