Am I a Jedi?

27 Jul

Use the force you must


Am I a Jedi?  I’m not really sure what a Jedi is, but Mommy and Daddy often say that I must be a Jedi.  Sometimes (okay, most of the time) I stretch out my hand and reach as far as I can.  Mommy and/or Daddy look at me.  I look at them, then to the object of my desire, then back to Mommy and/or Daddy.  One of them stands up.  I start saying the name of what I want, but all that comes out is “eh, eh, eh.” because I am a baby.   Mommy gets closer to what I want.  I get louder.  Yay, Mommy grabs what I wanted and brings it back to me.  I smile and show them all my teeth because I know Mommy and Daddy really like it when I do that.

“You must be a Jedi,” Daddy says “you reach out your hand and bang, the object you want is there.”

I don’t know what a Jedi is, but if it means pointing at something and then getting it, then yeah, I’m a Jedi.

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