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Where’s the car?

17 Mar

“Where are all those cars going, Mommy?”  Hannah (2.5 years old) asked me.

We were in the car on the way home from Junior Jivers (a play group) when a big truck pulling a trailer full of shiny new cars pulled up next to us at the lights.

“They’re probably going to a new car lot.” I told Hannah.

“The car store?”


“Our car’s not new.” Hannah told me.

“It was when we bought it. We used to have a different car, remember?”

“Yeah, a blue one.” She’s so smart, it was a blue one.  Contrary to what you Aussies might think.  Fine, the blue part is controversial.

“But we lost it.”

How could I not laugh? “No sweetie, we sold it.”

“No, we lost it.” She said matter-of-factly.

Um..ok.  I could see that this was going to be one of those never ending arguments where stubborn Hannah knows something to be true.  And nothing will persuade her otherwise.  Not even the truth.  Sigh.

So I changed the subject.

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