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Looking good when pregnant

2 Aug

I would like a pair of these now, thanks.

I loved being pregnant. Sometimes. Like when I could feel the baby kicking my hand in response to me pressing on my stomach.

But most of the time I felt like a bloated, beached whale. Add hideous over-sized t-shirts or too-small-can-see-my-stretched-to-the-max-stomach-hanging-out-over-my-pants tops to the mix, and I felt truly yuck.

Lucky for you, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore, and you don’t even have to break the bank to look and feel like a glowing

pregnant woman, rather than a beached whale in a burlap sack. The following post on maternity style is sponsored by ASOS. Let’s just say they had me at ‘purple maternity jeans’ (how I wish I’d known about them when I was pregnant…).

Maternity Style

First of all being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to lose all sense of style. There are so many stores
and online retailers that have (finally) realised the need for high quality maternity wear that doesn’t
just consist of oversized t-shirts and sweat pants. So here is some maternity styling advice from

When your maternity wardrobe is only going to be worn for a few months it is important to get the
basics right. A pair of black skinny jeans will suit most occasions from a trip to the supermarket to a
romantic meal for two. Dressed down with a chunky knit cardigan for chilly winter days this look can
be turned around with the adding on of a cute printed blouse and some low wedges.

A maxi dress will always be a perfect choice for pregnancy as the flowing material is brilliant for
skimming your ever growing bump and will be a gorgeous choice for formal occasions such as a
winter wedding. This one shoulder jade green dress from ASOS has an elegant Grecian feel to it and
will need minimal accessorising- it is a statement piece all in itself- just add on some flat sandals and
an envelope clutch and you will be ready to go.

When choosing your maternity wear it is important to think about what shoes and bags you already
own as you don’t want to be buying new accessories as well as clothes- well you could if you really
wanted- but when trying to be purse friendly this is something to consider. Neutral accessories in
colours such as black, tan and nude will go with almost anything but if you have a favourite handbag
that isn’t your average colour think about this when picking your new clothes.

I LOVE this

So for a maternity wardrobe that is as stylish as you are think about what you already have in your
wardrobe that you won’t need to change and build your style up from there.

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