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3 Sep

I don’t know how I missed it.  All the signs were there: bright red cheeks, crankiness, red bottom, not wanting to eat a lot of things, chewing on her fingers.  No, I lie, I do know how I missed it.  I was waiting for Hannah’s fourth bottom tooth to erupt.  She has 3 on the bottom but usually they come in pairs, within a few days of each other.  I kept checking that vacant little spot next to her other bottom teeth, wondering why it was taking so long when she was clearly teething.  After a while, I figured I must be misinterpreting her signs as no little tooth was breaking through.  The thought to actually check elsewhere never crossed my mind.

Hannah knows how to tell you what she wants.  She will get a jar of something, or a zipped bag, etc, bring it to me or Aaron, hand it over and wait.  Yesterday, she wanted peanut butter (yeah, she has good taste).  She grabbed the jar and brought it to Daddy.  Aaron opened it for her, but with no spoon in hand, he stuck his (just washed) finger in and let her eat it off.

“She’s got a tooth coming up!”  Aaron exclaimed.

“Yeah, I know, that one has been trying to come up for ages.”  I speculated.

“No, she has teeth further back!”

“What!”  I exclaimed, thinking he was just feeling some teeth below the gums.

I dipped my finger in the peanut butter and she happily opened her mouth.  There they were, 3 molars, all already out of the gums.  I was completely flabbergasted.  NO WONDER she has been so cranky and had the reddest cheeks she’s ever had.  I don’t even know when she started getting these molars.  Now my little baby (whose not so little, nor a baby anymore) has 10 teeth.  And all this time, I thought she only had 7.

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