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3 Sep

I don’t know how I missed it.  All the signs were there: bright red cheeks, crankiness, red bottom, not wanting to eat a lot of things, chewing on her fingers.  No, I lie, I do know how I missed it.  I was waiting for Hannah’s fourth bottom tooth to erupt.  She has 3 on the bottom but usually they come in pairs, within a few days of each other.  I kept checking that vacant little spot next to her other bottom teeth, wondering why it was taking so long when she was clearly teething.  After a while, I figured I must be misinterpreting her signs as no little tooth was breaking through.  The thought to actually check elsewhere never crossed my mind.

Hannah knows how to tell you what she wants.  She will get a jar of something, or a zipped bag, etc, bring it to me or Aaron, hand it over and wait.  Yesterday, she wanted peanut butter (yeah, she has good taste).  She grabbed the jar and brought it to Daddy.  Aaron opened it for her, but with no spoon in hand, he stuck his (just washed) finger in and let her eat it off.

“She’s got a tooth coming up!”  Aaron exclaimed.

“Yeah, I know, that one has been trying to come up for ages.”  I speculated.

“No, she has teeth further back!”

“What!”  I exclaimed, thinking he was just feeling some teeth below the gums.

I dipped my finger in the peanut butter and she happily opened her mouth.  There they were, 3 molars, all already out of the gums.  I was completely flabbergasted.  NO WONDER she has been so cranky and had the reddest cheeks she’s ever had.  I don’t even know when she started getting these molars.  Now my little baby (whose not so little, nor a baby anymore) has 10 teeth.  And all this time, I thought she only had 7.

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Hannah’s first toothy-peg

27 Jan

“Ok Bubba, time for a nappy change.” I put her on her back on the change mat. I took her nappy off, deflected wandering hands, and turned to get a new nappy. I turned back to find Bubba crawling away. She then sat just out of reach on her bare little bottom. That’s right, she can now crawl, and go from crawling to sitting and sitting to crawling. Today she followed me in to the kitchen a few times and then sat on the floor and watched me do the dishes. Sometimes when she cries after I put her to bed, I go in there to pat her only to find her sitting up in her cot. Lay her back down and she just sits up again. Ok, in all fairness, that was only one day, and she was teething and in pain. After I gave her some baby panadol, and a cuddle, she went to sleep. She won’t let me look at them, but I caught a glimpse once when I opened her mouth with my finger and then pushed her tongue back with my other hand, and saw her little tooth. Next to it was a crooked little tooth about to come through. I’m just glad that she (so far…) doesn’t bite me. I really don’t want a bloodied nipple. I read that some babies go off their food when they’re teething. I’m glad there is a reason why she hasn’t been eating her food properly. Hopefully she will return to her eager eating glory asap.

The three of us went away for the Australia day long weekend (which actually wasn’t a long weekend as the day off was Tuesday, but we made it one anyway). We went to the Abercrombie caves with friends. We went for a couple of long bush walks (3 hours) which Hannah absolutely loved. She was attached to Daddy by the baby bjorn, kicking her little legs, babbling away. The second day, we went to see the caves. I brought my camera to snap away, and hopefully get some good pics of the caves. As soon as we got to the entrance, the battery died. Unfortunately I didn’t bring the spare batteries on the hike, so I had to rely on the point and shoot and hope that Friend 2 got some good photos with his film SLR. As it turned out, he forgot to bring spare batteries for his flash, so I guess we all had to rely on the point and shoot. Clearly we are all awesome.

When we arrived, it was dark out, so we didn’t really see any of our surroundings. I heard some rustling when I woke up and went to the kitchen. I looked out the window and was surprised to see a huge hill right outside. I could have touched the hill if I could pry the screen off the window. There on the hill was a herd of wild goats, having their morning graze. The next morning we saw a family of Kangaroos on the hill, including a joey. Even the little joey was sticking his little head out of his mothers pouch grazing with his mum. We even saw a wombat run across the road in front of us (we were on foot) one night.

I bought a bottle of fake baileys (I was going to get the small $10 bottle of baileys but then saw the fake baileys large bottle for $10 and thought it was a no brainer) to have a couple of nice tasting drinks after Bubba went to bed, only to find it tasted horrible. I thought maybe my tastes changed after not drinking for so long. I took a sip, made a face, waited a while, thought I must be imagining it, took a sip, made a face. The others looked at me funny. Friend 1 tried it. “No, it’s not just you, this if off.” Friend 2 tried it. “yeah, this is off.” Glad to know it wasn’t just me. I only bought it the day before, so don’t you worry, that bottle-o will be hearing from me!

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