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I knew this day would come

17 Apr

I knew this day would come. I’ve heard the stories. They say it happens at least once with every child. But of course I was hoping my child wouldn’t do that.

“Mommy, I have to go pee pee.” Hannah told me.  I opened the bathroom door for her. We used to keep it open, but now Daniel seems to have this dire need to go in the bathroom and stick his fingers in Hannah’s little toilet and/or pull himself up on the big toilet whilst shoving his little hands under toilet seat.  So yeah, the door stays closed now.

After I opened the door, I went to the kitchen to get her beloved little stool with the monkey face on it. She likes to stand on it to wash her hands.

“Mommy, there’s my poo nugget.” She told me when I re-entered the bathroom.

“Your poo nugget?”

“Yeah, my poo nugget is in the toilet.” She told me as she stood next to the big toilet with her undies around her ankles, holding up the lid in one hand.

Why was I not rejoicing? Why was I not ecstatic at the fact that my child finally pooped in the toilet? Easy. She can’t get up there all by herself.  Not without her monkey stool.  Which happend to be in my hand.


“DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!” I told her, a little too loud and crazily. I didn’t want those poo hands contaminating anything!

And then I washed her hands like she had the plague.

“Hannah, just for future reference, we don’t touch poop. Poop is icky.”


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