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Getting Daddy back

12 Mar

Finally, Hannah is potty trained.  Ok fine, she’s pee potty trained.  Not so much poo potty trained.  Sigh.  Those still turn up in her undies.  I can clearly see a large protrusion hanging in her undies.  I can smell the offending object.

“Did you do a poo poo?”  I ask her.

“No, I didn’t do a poo poo.” She told me, clearly knowing that she did.

“Yes you did.  I can see that you did.”

She then reaches her little hand around to her bottom and goes in for a feel.

“NOOO!!! DON’T PUT YOUR HAND IN YOUR BUTT!!!” I yell to her.  Ugh. I don’t want to have to clean poo out from under fingernails.  Ick.

So yeah, still working on that.


A while ago, when she was still learning to pee on the potty, she was often wetting herself around the house.  And yes, it was kinda gross and I was constantly armed with carpet cleaner and a rag.  But she treated pull-ups like a nappy, so the only way forward was to stick her in underpants.  And let her wet herself to get a grasp on what it felt like.  It worked by the way.

Hannah was climbing all over Daddy.  Giggling and jumping and giggling some more.

Suddenly she stopped.  This slightly frightened/surprised/what-do-I-do look came across her face.

“SHE’S PEEING ON ME!!!!!!!” Aaron shouted.

She was standing over his leg, one of her legs on each side of Aaron’s.  Frozen in place like a little deer in headlights, pee rushing out of her, drenching Aaron’s leg.

And I could not stop laughing. I stood there just watching and laughing, and watching some more.  Yeah, yeah, I’m horrible. Whatever, it was hilarious!

“HAHAHAHAHA, I guess she got him back then!” one of my friends said when I told her about it.

Yeah, I guess she did. She definitely got him back for this. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Still makes me laugh.

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