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The sound of silence

23 May

I think it’s good to let toddlers play by themselves sometimes.  It develops creativity and imagination.  I like to close all the doors in the house except the one leading to her room, and of course the kitchen which leads to the playroom.  That way she can run around the hallway to her heart’s content, and if she feels like playing in her room by herself, then by all means, she can go for it.

She loves going in her room and pulling all of her shirts off the hangers, pants off the shelf, and singlets out of the drawer.  Mostly she just puts them on the ground, but she loves trying to put them on too.  Often when she comes out of her room, she is running, giggles coming out of her mouth, 5 shirts around her waist, and a pair of underpants on her head.

Sometimes she sits in her room and pulls half the books off of her shelf, looking through each one as she goes.  Upside down, right side up, it doesn’t matter, she looks at them just the same.  She talks as she points to the pictures in her books “OH!  Kangaroo!  BIG Kangaroo!”

Usually I can hear her in her room, having a great time, giggles here, sentences there, thuds as pulls books off the shelves.

But the other day, it was quiet.  She’d been in there for a while.  Last time she was in there for a while being quiet, she had shut her door so I wouldn’t know what she was up to (CHEEKY!) and somehow managed to get a hold of her wipes, pulling nearly all of them out of the packet.  When I went in, she jumped a little, knowing she isn’t meant to be getting out all the wipes.  “Just one.”  She told me nodding her head as she tried to take one more to wipe Mickey Mouse’s bottom.  He was nicely laid on the change mat, ready for a nappy and a bottom wipe.

I went in her room, totally expecting to find an entire packet of wipes scattered about her room, a cheeky look on her face.  As I approached the door, she started giggling.  And jumping.

“How did you get in there?!”

More giggling.  More bouncing. She was clearly very proud of herself, excited at her new feat.

She loves climbing in there now.  She does it all the time.  We asked her to do it for the camera last night, so here it is, little miss cheeky doing her new trick.  Just keep in mind that despite being 22 months old, she is very small, at least 2 inches shorter than all of her friends, and she only weighs 10 kilos, so this isn’t really easy for her.

Just so you know, I only had a roll of masking tape around my wrist because I was in the middle of getting Baby Boy’s room ready for trim painting…..

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