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Hannah made a sticker

7 Jun

A while back, I was contacted by MyBinding.com  to see if I wanted to review a laminator. Hannah makes so many artworks that I thought it would be awesome to laminate them and turn them into placemats. Or playdoh mats. Or flash cards. Or something.

But then Tarragon from MyBinding brought up the great point about electricity. They are a family owned company in Oregon (U.S.A.), so the plug of the laminator wouldn’t exactly fit into my outlets. And if I used an adapter, there is still a wattage issue, and it could quite possibly blow up.

No seriously. I’m not even joking. I brought my guitar amp over here, plugged it into an adapter, hooked up my guitar, and BANG! No more guitar amp.

Sigh. No laminator.

But then she had another product for me. A Xyron Create a Sticker.

WHAT??!!!!!!!!!! I CAN MAKE MY OWN STICKERS????!!!!!!!!!

Let me just tell you a little something about kids. They love stickers. If it were up to Hannah, she’d cover the entire house, floor to ceiling, including floor and ceiling, in stickers.

Daniel loves stickers too. A little too much. Remember when he tried to eat one, choked on it, and I had to call the ambulance?

Now we play with stickers when he’s asleep. And I make sure they are not too small, and stuck on anything that he will be playing with.

To say I was excited about the sticker maker is a huge understatement. When the package arrived and I told Hannah about it, she nearly wet herself with excitement. She does this eyes bulging, neck stuck out, mouth in a 5 year old boy’s pretend smile position, half laugh/half nanny goat noise when she gets really excited about something. She was doing the the whole time I opened the box.

I let Hannah draw on some construction paper, and then tear it however she wanted.

Hannah drawing to make stickers

Then we stuck it in the sticker maker and turned the crank. And out popped Hannah’s art on the other side. On a backing, as a sticker. It was that easy.

If I let her, she’d make stickers all day.

I decided to use the sticker maker for a very different reason: Potty training. We have a sticker chart that Hannah gets to put stickers on if she poops in the potty or toilet. Not that she does, but the though is nice. I made her a very special sticker in the sticker maker.

My sticker coming out with one of Hannah’s

“Hannah, look at this!” I told her excitedly, “If you do a poop in the toilet, you can put this sticker we made on your potty chart!”


“YEAH!” She told me. But she still won’t poop in the toilet. Sigh.




-No heat, electricity, or batteries needed

-Easy to use

-Would be perfect for scrap booking

-Kids love it!

-Ships internationally

-Can get backing that lets you stick and re-stick your stickers (repositionable)

-Can get backing that lets your stickers stay stuck


-Your child will harass you to make stickers all the time

*I was sent a free sticker maker and backing for the purpose of this review. Opinions expressed are my own and were not swayed in any manner.

You can buy your own sticker maker, or a variety of other products (laminators, binders, binding supplies, shredders, etc.) here

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