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Everything happens (or doesn’t happen) for a reason

16 Jan

A while back, The Jess and I, and my exchange sister Lauren and I, applied to be on the Amazing Race Australia (here is one of my audition videos in case you’re interested).  Sigh, we didn’t get on.  I wanted to get on SO SO SO badly!  I was still kinda holding my breath when I heard that the race had already started.  I looked it up on wikipedia (as any tv show stalker would).  Yeah, it started the the day before.  Humph.  Why didn’t they want us?  Poo.

Oh well.  Better luck next time (if there is a next time… that depends on how well they produce the show I suppose.  If it’s anything like the Aussie version of Survivor, HA, there will be no next time.)

“Boo (that’s code for Aaron), the race already started (sad face).  I didn’t get in.   So… you wanna start trying for another baby?”  I didn’t want to try before I knew if we got on the race or not.  No point in going to all the trouble of applying if I were to get pregnant and then not be able to go on anyway.  That would just be silly.

9 months to the day after the race started (5 November 2010), our second baby is due (5 August 2011).  If I did get on the race, sure, I may be pregnant now, but not as far along, and not with this particular baby.  I’m sure I’ll look back, after getting to know our beautiful little one and be so so happy that I didn’t get on the race, but instead got to have him/her.

It just goes to show, everything happens (or doesn’t happen) for a reason.


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