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Excitable Hannah

24 Jun

The other day, Hannah asked me if she could go to Lollipops.  I told her I’d ask Daddy if he’d take her (because I waddle and can’t play with her there as much as he can at the moment. Plus, if she wants to go on the big slide, you  have to go up a ramp and then through this padded roller thing that I can’t physically fit through right now due to my massive 34-week pregnant belly).  He messaged me back on my phone saying he’d take her the next day.  I told Hannah.

Hannah went nuts.  She toned it down a lot when I got the phone out to record her excitable-ness, but still, it’s hilarious.  What can I say?  I guess Hannah likes Lollipops (an indoor playground centre).

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Wanted: Pretty dresses

27 Feb

The other day, Hannah and Aaron were playing in the car.  She likes to play in the car, pretend she is driving, turn the steering wheel and honk the horn.  She climbed to the back and into her car seat.

“Daddy, back.”  She said.  Aaron joined her in the back seat.

Hannah: “Hannah buckle.”  She tried to do up the buckles on her car seat.  “Daddy drive, go.”

Aaron: “Do you want to go for a drive?”

Hannah: “mmmm.” That’s Hannah for yes.  Yeah, she got that from me.  I think.  Aaron says it too though.  Maybe we all got it from him.

Daddy: “Where do you want to go?”

Hannah: “Shops.”

Daddy: “What do you want to buy at the shops?”

Hannah: “Clothes.”

Daddy: “What kind of clothes?”

Hannah: “Dresses.”

Daddy: “Will they be pretty?”

Hannah: “Pretty dresses.”

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