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And the winner is….

19 Oct

Thanks to everyone who entered the Fill in the Blankie competition!  All of the entries made me giggle, and my impartial 3rd party has reached a decision. And the winner is (drumroll please)….

Erika, with this entry:

I think my most embarrassing moment with my 13 month old was at dinner a few weeks ago. We went out for my friends birthday with her and her 18 month old. My son finds it hilarious to throw his food on the floor or at me instead of eating it. Our cat fully benefits from this at home but in public it’s not so nice. Well, I am distracted and talking to my friend, catching up on life and I did not realize that my son was not eating quietly like I imagined. He was instead, putting spaghetti, ever so quietly, in the hair of the women behind us. He managed to put 4 long strands in her hair before my friend noticed! I was so embarrassed when I told this poor women that he was gently putting spaghetti in her hair. I’m still not entirely sure how she did not notice/feel this, but she was not exactly nice about the revelation!

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