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13 Feb

“Hannah, can you keep an eye on Daniel and tell me if he goes outside?” I asked Hannah after bible study this morning.  My group was on clean up duty and Daniel has a tendency to attempt escape.  Don’t worry, by outside, I mean within the confines of the baby gates that block the kids from getting into the car park.  Unless someone leaves the gates open, which is why I wanted to know if he went out there.  Just in case.  He is sneaky.

“Ok Mommy, I’m on a mission!” She told me gleefully, running off after Daniel with her arms out whilst making airplane noises. “I’m on a SUPERHERO MISSION.”

Who knew that getting Hannah to keep an eye on Daniel would be so exciting?

“Superheroes can give themselves their own names.” Hannah told me in the car on the way home.

“I’m going to be Superhero Mission-0.”

“Oh, what a great name!” I told her.

“And then maybe I’ll be Superhero Minnie-o, then Superhero Mickey-o. Do those sound good too, Mommy?”

“Yes, they are all great names Sweetie.”

She was still on about superheroes when we got home.

“Superheroes go to bed late.” Uh-oh, I see where this is going.

“I’m going to have a superhero ballet!”

She put her arms out like an airplane and made the obligatory accompanying airplane noises.

“Oh no! I runned out of my superhero batteries!”

And that was the end of playing superheroes.

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