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One of those mornings…

14 Jun

The front doors on all of the apartments in our block are a bit ridiculous. You have to either turn the handle all the way and shut them unlocked, or slam them as hard as you can. Most people choose the latter option. Which is fine.

Except at 5:45 AM!!!!!! Sigh. Seriously people, turn the handle, shut door, then use keys to lock. It’s not that hard. Slamming it shut is so loud. It woke me up. It woke Daniel up. Daniel then woke Hannah up.

I went in their room and Hannah looked like she’d just run a marathon, stuck her finger in a light socket, fell asleep, and then was startled to only half awake.

She was so sleepy. And whingey. Sigh.

I cuddle Hannah, but Daniel wants some attention too and attempts to climb up my leg.

“Ouch Daniel! No biting!”

He bit my leg. Sigh. He’s a biter. Yesterday he bit the back of my leg. My upper leg. Have you ever been bit there? It HURTS. Cheeky boy.

We all ate breakfast, put away the kids clothes that I folded last night (in addition to the other 9 loads I also folded. Sigh.), got Hannah’s lunch ready, clothes on, etc.

Today is Thursday. Hannah’s daycare day. My one and only day to work. And by work, I mean write.

I buckled them in their car seats. Daniel is facing forward now. He’s such a big boy!

I put the key in the ignition. Turn it.

I hear clunky noises and all the lights on the dashboard are going mental.

The car won’t start. Sigh.

The smash repairers had the car for FOUR WEEKS and it doesn’t even last 2 weeks? I’m not gonna lie, I was cranky.

This took 4 weeks to repair

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“I’ll have to call someone Hannah, the car won’t start. We might have to walk to daycare.” But I didn’t think we’d have time. It was almost 9 and they go to play session on Thursday’s. They leave at 9:30. And daycare is 2.5kms away. I can walk it in 30 minutes, I have before, but I would need to get the pram out of the boot, put warmer clothes on Daniel, and change my shoes. Not enough time.

Luckily Mel (Hannah’s Family Daycare provider. I would love to provide a link to her website, but I don’t want random internet people who may or may not be dodgy to know where my child goes to daycare) said she’d pick Hannah up on the way to Playsession. Awesome.

I left a message with the NRMA repair centre, who told me when I picked up the car to let them know if there were any problems. Did I mention they never bother to call back, and never bother to pick up the phone? Great, this had to happen today. Sigh. Better than tomorrow I suppose.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to go to a film studio so I can be recorded talking about some stuff for some things. I don’t know I’m allowed to talk about it yet, so I won’t give you any details.

Freaking out a little, I messaged the studio with a long-winded explanation about the stupid smash repairer not fixing the car properly, and the likely hood that I won’t have a car tomorrow to drive to the studio.  Just wanted to give them the heads up. I’m not one of those last minute people if I can help it.

There was no hope of the NRMA calling back. So I called Subaru Assist. Which just so happened to come free until 2013 with purchase of the car. Sweet.

When we first got the car. Yes, I was molesting the car for the photo. No, it wasn’t pre-owned, contrary to the wall behind me.

I explained that the car was recently in an accident only just got back from being repaired, and I don’t know what they did, but now the car won’t start.

“What does it do when you try to start it?” They asked me.

“It makes a lot of noise and the lights on the dashboard go crazy.”

“Sounds like a flat battery. It’s still under warranty, so it won’t cost you anything to replace.” Nice. Just what I like to hear. Especially since our every day bank account is looking very sad after paying the car insurance excess, going to Costco, and ordering too many board games on the internet.

Hmmm…but what caused the flat battery? The stupid smash repairer must have buggered up some wiring or something. It’s all too coincidental.

Subaru assist arrived within the hour. They replaced the battery with a heavy duty one that wouldn’t need any maintenance or water added to it.

Wait. What? I was supposed to be maintaining and adding water to my battery? You have to actually do stuff to your car battery? Hmm… Oops….

“So what caused the battery to die?” I asked them.

“Could be a light was left on. Could be age. Batteries just run out after a while, it’s normal. Nothing is wrong with the connections or anything.”

They were in and out of there in less than 10 minutes.

I drove the car back in the garage (they rolled it out) and had a lightbulb moment.

I’m constantly telling Hannah not to turn on the dome light over the back seat when she climbs in the car and into her car seat. She must have slipped one past me.

I looked up, and there it was. The source of the flat battery. That darn light was in the on position. And stupid me didn’t even notice. Probably because the lights always come on when you open the door. They dim and then turn off in a little while, so I just didn’t notice that this particular light was going full blare. Sigh.

I guess it’s a good thing the NRMA doesn’t ever call back. I’d have to explain to them that I’m the stupid one. Not the smash repairer.

Yes, I am awesome. Sigh.

Oh, and then I had to message the film studio. “so…it was just the car battery…car is fine, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I’m sure they think very highly of me now. Oh well, we all know that I’m awkward.

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