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Where do toddlers nap?

1 Jun

Yesterday, I put Hannah down for her nap in her new bed.  I read her a story, tucked her in, turned on her sleepy music, turned off the light and shut the door.  I didn’t actually expect her to sleep after her performance the day before.

I could hear her playing in her room for over an hour.  She was happy as larry.

“Oh! Minnie Mouse!”

“Hannah run around!”

Then I heard her say ‘gina (which means vagina in Hannah speak), and a little later she possibly said poop.

Images of a naked Hannah, poo and pee all over the floor, herself, and all of her stuff, Hannah poking the poop, bewildered at what it was, filled my mind.

I voiced my concerns on facebook.  I wrote it before the possible poop comment:

I debated going in there because usually when she says poop when she is supposed to be sleeping, she really did poop.  Then she can’t sleep, or if she does, it’s only for 20 minutes or so because she has this irritating sticky log stuck to her bottom, making it all red, and preventing any real rest.  But, I wasn’t sure if she really did say poop.  So, I left it for a little bit.

And all went quiet.  I waited some more.  Still quiet.  She’d gone to sleep.

I changed my facebook status:

She slept for quite a while (I wrote that update after she’d been asleep for a long time. I had to be sure before facebooking it…).  3:30 rolled around so I figured I’d get her up.  I probably would have let her sleep longer, but I was really curious as to where she was actually sleeping.  If I waited for her to wake up on her own, I’d never know!

I grabbed the video camera.  There was no telling what I’d find in that room.



Sound asleep IN her bed

Today Hannah played in her room for a while during nap time and then started banging on the door and calling “Mommy!”  I put her back in her bed, read her a story, and she fell right asleep.  When I went in to get her at 3:30, I found a peacefully sleeping little cutie right where I left her.

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