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The poo incident

25 Mar

Mommy has been trying to teach me to clap. Ok, I should say trying to get me to clap because I learned how to a while ago. I just haven’t had anything so good that I needed to pull out my new clapping trick for. Until today that is.

I have been trying to find a good pair of black shoes for a while now. Well, I found lots of them, but finding them in my size is another story. Needless to say, Hannah has been bored out of her mind in the stroller for a couple of shopping trips now. Today I finally found a good cute little pair of black flats that actually fit me. They even have some sparkles on them! Just as I picked them up after trying them on, Hannah clapped! I got so excited that I dropped everything right there in the middle of the aisle and loudly said “Yay!!!” while wildly clapping myself. I’m sure I looked a little looney to everyone around, but I don’t care, my baby clapped and I was going to encourage her no matter what.

Mommy had been trying on shoe after shoe while I sat there, watching, bored bored bored in my pram. “This is the one Bubba, it’s cute and it actually fits!” Hallelujah to that Mommy, let the boredom end! Now that was a reason to clap!
“oh, these ones are cute too,” Mommy reached for another shoe. NOOOOOO!! In my disgust, I cried. And you know what? Mommy didn’t try on any more shoes.

Every Saturday I get to sleep in. Aaron gets up at 7ish when Hannah wakes up, changes her nappy, gets her dressed, and then plays with her until 8, when I get up and feed her. I love my Saturday morning sleep ins, and look forward to them every week as only a sleep deprived first time mom can. Then on Sundays, Aaron gets to sleep in while I get up at 7ish when Hannah wakes up. Good deal I think. This Saturday, however, something disrupted my little much needed sleep in.
“Boo!!!” I heard Aaron calling me from Hannah’s room. Hmmm…Should I pretend to be asleep? It is my sleep in morning after all.
“What?” It must be urgent, he knows I love my sleep in. I got up.
It was the smell that hit me first. I always know when Hannah has done a poo, but usually the smell seems to be a little contained at least. This time it seemed to be everywhere, seeping into my nostrils from all directions.
“I need some help.” Aaron said. I looked down. There she was, stark naked, Aaron holding her armpits so she could stand up. I looked down further. I wonder if my face gave away my surprise, horror, bewilderment, and ultimately the sense of ewwwww that I felt right at that moment. She was wearing a nappy when I put her to bed. Unfortunately, she seems to have found a way to take it off. I have no idea how, she was wearing a sleeping bag after all. I guess she wanted both Daddy and Mommy to pay her some attention that morning. Did I mention she always does a poo when she wakes up? Hannah’s feet were COVERED in poo. Aaron called her “Poo Shoes.” Next to her little cheeky feet was the nappy, freely sitting at the bottom of her sleeping bag. All over her sleeping bag…poo. Everywhere. Yes, this was definitely a 2 person clean up job. I had a look at her bed and sure enough, a little turd and it’s poopstreak friend sat there, patiently waiting to be cleaned up. I had only put those sheets on the day before! When we got her new pink soft sleeping bag for $20 at Target, I thought the slit in the front and back so you could put them in their sleeping bag and then strap them into the pram or car seat or what have you, was a fantastic idea. Now, not so sure. Safety belt slits are apparently good de-nappying and poo escaping holes.

Hannah – other stuff this week:
We went to Grandma’s house on the weekend, and I got to play with the little walker thing that Grandma bought for me. It was so much fun! It has 4 wheels and a handle so I can stand up, hold on, and then walk, walk walk! Mommy sat at one end of the hallway, and Daddy on the other. I couldn’t figure out how to turn the walker around, so I would walk down the hallway, then Mommy or Daddy would turn me around and I’d walk back the other way. I wish I had one of those at home!
One day I was in the bath, and I grabbed the side of the bath and stood up. “oh, there’s a boat,” I thought. I grabbed it, held it in both hands, and put it in my mouth. I always have to see if something is edible. Of course, Mommy tells me that lots of things I think taste perfectly fine aren’t for eating. Like the other day. I found a nice looking hair ball under the tv stand and put it in my mouth. Mommy said it wasn’t edible and pulled it out of my mouth, but I got to eat some of it. Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, so I had the boat and was trying to eat it when Mommy said “What a clever girl, you’re standing all by yourself!!!” Oh, wow, I really was. But then I realised and couldn’t balance anymore and sat down. I can stand for about 5 seconds now all by myself!! Mommy and Daddy get so excited when I do, so I’m going to try really hard to stand longer.
My mouth really hurts. I try to sleep like a good girl, but it’s really hard because my gums are so sore. My top tooth is trying to grow, but it’s being really mean to me and taking a long, painful time. I have a cold too, so I keep coughing and waking myself up. I don’t like teeth.

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