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Hotel bed

14 Feb

If I look past the boot packed to the max with bags, toys, portable cots,  mini couches for the kids to sleep on, the approximately 1 million are we there yet?’s, and the cheese that’s ground into the car seats because I gave the kids sandwiches to combat those are we there yet?’s and/or screaming for 5 minutes, going on holidays is quite fun.

Especially at night time.  With the kids in bed, we can kick back, enjoy a cup of tea that we can actually hold in our hands without a curious and mad for food toddler standing precariously on his tippy-toes, relentlessly pawing at our cups whilst we attempt to keep the hot beverage free of grasping hands so they don’t get scalded.

We can get into bed at 7:30pm.  Aaron and I really like going to this 5 star hotel in Sydney when we are feeling particularly un-thrifty and want a little luxury that our slightly dodgy apartment with 30 year old brown shag carpet and tiles falling off the walls in the bathroom can’t possibly give us.

At this particular hotel, there is a menu next to the bed.  A pillow menu.  Yes, there is such a thing.  You can actually call the concierge and order the particular pillow size/firmness/filling (feather, cotton, latex) that you’d like, and they will deliver it to your room at no extra charge.

Each pillow is encased by those lovely crisp white pillow cases that match the lovely crisp white sheets that only hotels seem to be able to get their grubby mitts on.

hotel sheets

If only my bed looked like this

Unless you’re staying in the places we usually stay.  You won’t find the nice sheets there.

Getting into bed at a 5 star hotel is nothing short of fabulous.  After I pull the sheets out from their tucked position at the side of the bed (I hate having my sheets tucked), I can wrap myself in the crisp white sheets, sink into the soft pillows, and cuddle up to Aaron, not having to worry about dishes, laundry, or cleaning.  Whilst we are in that hotel bed, life is easy.

How good would it be to have hotel sheets at home? Only new ones, not sheets from actual hotels, because we all know what goes on in hotel beds.

You can get your very own crisp, yet silky feeling white sheets from Frette’s hotel collection bedding.  Frette’s actually do supply world famous hotels with their linen.  It’d be like a holiday every night.  And who doesn’t like that, right?

*This post was sponsored by Frette.com

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The towel apocalypse

18 Dec

Aaron’s mum  (YaYa as she is now known when Hannah is present.  Hannah has a lot of grandparents, so we have to differentiate somehow) is coming tomorrow to visit for Christmas.  Sounds exciting right?  Well, it is, until Grandma turns into a shaking little ball of stressed out craziness.  Grandma has this overwhelming urge to make everything perfect for anyone and everyone who comes to visit.  She has this need to feed people until they almost explode.  I suppose that comes from being married to a greek for so many years.  Or maybe that’s just Grandma.  I’m not too sure.  She made “salmon” patties and some eggplant and tomato thing just so YaYa can “open the fridge and have a snack whenever she wants.”  It’s like  she is expecting the queen to come and grace our presence while tasting Grandma’s abundance of food. Stress is oozing out of Grandma, in the form of yelling and short-temperedness.  You can feel the stress from about 10 feet away.

Before we moved in with Grandma, we stopped telling her we were coming for a visit and started just showing up instead.  If we let Grandma know we were coming first, she’d spend all day cleaning and then greet us with a roast chicken, roast potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread rolls, pasta salad, regular salad, gravy, boiled vegetables, and of course, pavlova for desert.  We don’t care if the house is dusty, some dishes are in the sink, and mess is on the floor.  We’re family.  We just want to have a nice time together.  Same goes for when YaYa visits.

Grandma keeps bags and bags of “bedclothes” (as she calls them, aka sheets etc.) in the top of the linen press (linen closet) just for when YaYa comes to visit.  Aaron climbed up the ladder to reach them, pulling out bag after bag of, well, I’m not sure really.

“What’s in this bag Grandma?”  Aaron asked.

“Towels.  Good ones, brand new ones.”  Grandma said.

“So why don’t you use them?”

“I already have plenty of towels.”

“Umm…So why don’t we give them away to the needy?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I’ll need them sometime.”

“What if I have to go in a home?  I’ll need to bring my own linen and towels!”  Oh Grandma….

(Laughing) “Grandma!” Aaron exclaimed.


Some of the bags at the top of the linen press

“But I’m poor, and I have enough towels to last me the rest of my life!”  She was starting to get really cranky now.  It’s like she thinks there will be a towel apocalypse and she must keep every towel she comes in contact with or else she will be wet and cold and may not survive.


“You’re not poor anymore Grandma, we’re here!”

“You never know what can happen, you never know what things you’ll need.  If you keep something long enough, you’ll find a use for it.”  Sigh. This is a prime reason for Grandma’s hoarding.

We didn’t persuade Grandma into getting rid of anything in the linen press,

Bring it on, we're ready

even though she has an entire shelf full of towels, another full of sheets, and of course, the top section full of plastic bags which are full of new all of the above.  Aaron, Hannah and I have one half of one shelf.  Total.  Bring on the towel apocalypse, we’re ready.


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