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If only I could

5 Aug

Sometimes people ask me silly questions.  Sometimes people state the completely obvious (thanks Captain Obvious…).  Well, sometimes I wish I could say a smart ass remark in return.  I never (ok, nearly never) actually do, but if I did, it would go kind of like this:

“It’s cold out there, did you put warm clothes on Hannah?”  Warm clothes?  I thought I’d take all her clothes off and take her out in just her nappy.

“Oh, don’t let her touch that, plastic bags are really dangerous.” (Trying not to laugh) Oh, that was going to be her dinner.  I’m glad you told me.  Hmmm…now what will I make her for dinner?

“She’s teething (said by stranger).”  I’m glad your brain is connected to Hannah’s nervous system so you can randomly tell me why she is upset.

“Don’t forget to shut the door.”  But then how will I invite all the burglars in?

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