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Super genius or rose coloured glasses?

28 Jul

Last night, I was cooking dinner and needed a lemon.  “Hannah, do you want to stay in here and keep playing with Daddy, or do you want come outside and get a lemon with Mommy?”  She looked at me for a little bit, contemplation written all over her face.  And then she took off running, straight to the back door.  As she touched the closed door, she turned and looked at me, excitement in her face.

The same thing happened the other day when I told her “Mommy needs to go pee pee.”  (Only she ran to the bathroom instead of the back door).

One morning, it was quite cold.  Hannah went over to the little portable, blows hot air type heater, grabbed the plug and then attempted to plug it into the wall (which of course sent me flying across the room with reckless abandon to stop said plugging in).

Every day, Hannah attempts to put on her own socks, pants, and shoes (but so far has been unsuccessful).

I tell her to get her dolly and give it a kiss.  She does.  I ask her where duck is.  She looks around, then gets it for me.  I ask her where pony is.  She finds her and brings her to me.  I ask her where tuggy is.  We hardly ever read Tuggy and say tuggy, but lo and behold, she touches tuggy.  “Where is your hair?”  I ask her.  She grabs her hair and smiles.  “Where is your leg?”  She touches her leg.  “Where is your hand?”  She looks at it and wiggles her fingers.  She tells us (non verbally) when she wants to be picked up to look out the window.  She lets us know pretty much anything she wants/needs quite easily.

So I wonder, is she a super genius, or am I wearing

Super Genius?

rose-coloured glasses?

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