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The week of accomplishments

24 Nov

“WAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!” Aaron and I looked at each other. It was only 9pm, what was Hannah doing waking up screaming right now?
“You cheeky Bubba,” I heard Aaron say from her room. I went in to see what all the fuss was about. “You cheeky little monkey!” I said to her. She looked up at me from halfway down the cot, facing the wrong direction, with a puzzled expression. I’m not sure if she knew how she got on to her belly. Did she do it in her sleep, or did she do it on purpose. I could already tell this was going to become a problem. Aaron tried a number of times to put her back to sleep, but she just kept rolling as soon as he put her down. I gave her a feed which knocked her out, then I put her down. My success was short lived, she woke up on her tummy a number of times that night. If only she knew how to roll back over….

Hannah hasn’t had a proper nap since Saturday. Or was it Friday? I can’t remember. I think she’s out, then 5 minutes later, WAAA!! I find her on her tummy again. Yesterday I sat in her room and patted her belly for an hour an a half (the amount of time she is supposed to nap for). She slept for 20 minutes, and I had to prevent her from rolling over on a number of occasions. When she is in her light sleep, she moves around a lot, puts her legs straight in the air, and then brings them down to the side and bang, she’s on her tummy. She used to just move her head from side to side like a crazy person and rub all of her hair off. After a while, she would go still, in her deep sleep.

I’ve been hearing a lot about Baby sleeping bags recently. A lot of the girls bought them for their babies because they wiggle around in their cots and end up with no blankets. Hannah either kicks her blankets off, or puts her feet straight up in the air, making the blankets slip over her head. I think it’s time for a sleeping bag. Add the now rolling, and there is no way she can have blankets. She could get all tangled up in them. I saw some at the shops for 60 something dollars. Seemed a bit steep to me, so I did what any industrious girl would do. I made my own. Then the weather decided to be a gross 40 degrees (104f), and my wrap was made useless (too hot!). I plan to make another one with a better design this time, and a bit thinner for summer.

Even though it was extremely hot outside, I was freezing. It was bed time, and I was piling on the blankets. My muscles were all achy. Aaron came to bed asked me if I was crazy (for having blankets on). “You’re like a furnace!” I felt Aaron’s skin. It felt rather cold. Had he just been frolicking in a refrigerator. I felt mine. Next to Aaron’s, mine felt like the sand at the beach on a stinking hot day. You have to run on it because if you leave your foot down too long in one spot, it hurts. Yep, I had a fever. I didn’t sleep well at all, with all the coughing and feeling like I was trying to sleep in an ice chest even though my skin was burning up to touch. After I fed Hannah, I’d had enough and turned to the panadol (ok, cheap pharmacy brand imitation) for some relief. An hour later I woke up feeling like I was in the desert. I kicked off all the blankets and felt my skin. Phew, I was normal again. I didn’t feel well when I woke up, I was still achy and felt like I just wanted to lay down, so I asked Aaron to stay home from work so he could look after Hannah. Awesome husband that he is, he did, and I laid in bed all day long (except when Hannah wanted booby of course).

I went to the doctor the next day as my cough was worse and I still would have a fever if I wasn’t popping fake panadol (FYI, they are fine to take when breast feeding, no need to call CPS on me). Ew, I have bronchitis. The doc gave me some antibiotics (again, also ok to take while breastfeeding…), and I’m feeling much better now, but still have the obnoxious cough, and still feel like my windpipe is trying to escape through my mouth.

I always thought that chocolate, or ice cream was a good treat, but Hannah has found this week, that toes make a tasty treat. Last week she found her feet, but this week, she has been enjoying trying to eat them. I wonder what they taste like? I bet ice cream and chocolate taste better. Ok, I don’t need to wonder what they taste like, I lightly bite her toes all the time, she thinks it’s funny (they don’t taste like anything in case you are wondering).

She also thinks it’s hilarious to blow raspberries while I feed her. Not while she’s having booby, but while she is having her proper food. I put it in her mouth, and “ppppphhhhffff,” I’m showered in food. She grins cheekily. Cheeky little monkey. I probably shouldn’t have laughed the first time she did it, but it was pretty funny. I think I encouraged her. My bad.

Grandma has her bet on that Hannah will be crawling at Christmas time. Since she has all this new found tummy time (since she puts herself on her tummy every time you put her down), she has discovered that she can push herself up off her elbows, have her arms straight, with her hands still on the floor. She then kicks her little feet like she really wants to go somewhere, and tries to pull herself along the floor. Look out everyone, Hannah may soon be mobile. Our flat is so not ready for that! I think we will have to buy a play pen.

Freak Cartoon, Sick, Horrible Mommy, Rice cereal, and Dreamfeeds

2 Nov

There’s nothing on TV on Sunday mornings. Hannah was having a nap, and we like to have some constant noise so she doesn’t get used to napping in silence (we don’t want to have to tip toe around the house while she is napping!). We settled on the Sunday morning cartoons. My how they have changed since I was a kid! There was a cute lion and lioness, walking upright, the lioness wearing an apr
on. All seemed well until the lioness said (and these are the exact words) “We have the house to ourselves, and I’m still in H-E-A-T….” while suggestively kissing her lion husband and looking at him seductively. Seriously, is there ANY reason why something like that needs to be in a child’s cartoon?? How on earth did that get past editing, then why would the network agree to put it on tv, and what sort of freak show pervert draws and writes that in the first place. I mean really, it was so unnecessary. When I was little, I watched cartoons about a little bird who “taut he taw a puddy tat.” What has the world come to??

I wanted to put the washing out, so i put a towel on the ground and laid Hannah on her back while I pegged out the washing. I’d turn to check on her every few items, but when I turned, she was on her tummy, halfway off the towel!! She was quite chuffed with herself. I picked her up and she gave me the biggest, most accomplished grin. Of course she wouldn’t do it again though, not while mommy was watching!!

The next day she rolled on our bed twice, but this time from her tummy to her back. Clever girl!

Lately Hannah has been getting up twice during the night, making me into somewhat of a zombie. I have gotten used to only waking once, or not at all, so I decided that I would figure out a way to make her only get up once. First on my new plan: Don’t let her nap past 4pm. Sometimes she has a late nap but then wants to get up for the day at 4am. This isn’t usually a problem, but once in a while she refuses to sleep during the day and then wants a late nap. I can’t really blame, her, playing is so much more fun then sleeping!! Second part of New Plan: dream feed at 9pm. What is a dream feed you ask?? Simple, I went into Bubba’s room at 9pm, picked her up without unwrapping her, and put her straight on to my boob. She doesn’t actually wake up, but has a full feed while she is half asleep. Of course I was secretly hoping she wouldn’t wake up at all after taking such measures, but she only woke up once, so I deemed the whole exercise a success.

Monday morning Hannah wasn’t quite herself. She didn’t want to eat much, was lethargic, and had disturbingly bright green poos. Think Kermit the frog, and that is the right colour. I took her temperature and found it was 38 degrees (Celsius that is). Just a slight fever. She cried most of the morning. She didn’t even want to play, which is so unlike her. Since she was a bit lethargic, I thought it would be the perfect time to cut her nails. She usually flails about, making it rather difficult. Wow, it has never been so easy before! I must have gotten a bit too confident. She let out a huge painful cry, similar to the one I’ve only heard once, when she got her shots. Her tiny little thumb was bleeding. I cut her. I felt like the worst mom in the world. I cut my little baby. She cried for about 5 minutes, but I cuddled her the whole time. I felt so bad. At least she forgot for a moment that she didn’t feel the best.

She still wasn’t feeling well that afternoon, so I took her to the doctor. The doc took her temp (which was now normal), and checked her heartbeat, in her ears, in her mouth, etc. She looked fine. Doc thought it was probably a bug of some sort. It is common for little girls to get urinary tract infections as their poo has a tendency to go everywhere, including their poor little baby bits. Doc gave me 2 specimen cups to go home and catch her wee with. Doc also told me if she gets any worse, bring her back in or go to emergency if it’s the middle of the night.

Tuesday morning she was looking and feeling much better. She smiled at me and wanted to play when she woke up. I had to complete my urine catching mission first though. Now, it’s much easier to catch urine on little boys. You just have to attach a bag thing to his boyhood and wait (this is what one of the girls told me when her little boy had to be tested for a UTI). With girls on the other hand, you need to be a bit more patient, and employ your cat-like reflexes. I laid her out on her changing mat, nappy off, collection cup in hand, lid unscrewed but still sitting on it so as not to contaminate the future specimen, and waited. It didn’t take very long, she always pees when she has her nappy off. I used my said cat-like reflexes and, kept hold of the yellow lid in one hand, and like lightning, pressed the cup below the stream of pee. Success! Urine collected. Not a lot, but hey, babies don’t pee a lot anyway. It was enough. FYI, she doesn’t have a UTI, and is fine now.

We weren’t going to start Hannah on solids until she was at least 5 months, but, she had her first rice cereal (with booby milk) on Saturday. She was fussing at the beginning of all of her feeds for the last few weeks, so I took her to the early childhood centre to see the baby nurse. She recommend I introduce solids. They are not in any way to replace the breast milk, they are just for something a little extra. We don’t give it to her until after she has had a full meal of breast milk, and then she only has about a teaspoon. The first time we gave it to her, she didn’t really know what to do. She held it in her mouth for a little bit, made a funny face, then swallowed it. Most of it ended up all over her face. Not because she spat it out, but because she had never had a spoon in her mouth before and didn’t really know what to do. She had some for the third time this morning and has started opening her mouth in anticipation. Next weekend we can introduce some mashed potato (with booby milk). You are supposed to introduce bland vegetables before fruits, and only introduce something new every 7 days.

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