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Honey (according to Hannah)

23 Jun

“Can we make bars?” Hannah asked me the other day.  And by bars, she means home made granola/muesli/snack bars.  Delicious/nutritious ones.

“We can’t sweetie, we don’t have enough honey.”

The next day, we went to the local beekeeping shop.  Yes, there is one of those around here.  Random, I know, but they have raw honey and I’ve been keen to try some, plus it’s about half the price of processed supermarket varieties (at this particular place, I’m not sure if that statement is true in general).

After getting both kids and the jar I was going to put the honey in out of the car, we went in the shop.

“Sorry, we’re all out of honey. I will be getting some Monday week.” The man told me as soon as I stepped in the door.  I’d been in there before to get honey only to find out that I needed to bring a clean container to put it in.

“Why were they all out of honey, Mommy?” Hannah asked me on the way home.

“They sold out. People bought all of the honey the shop had.”

“The bees will have to make some more.  How do they make honey?” Hannah asked me.


Image courtesy of Wikimedia

“Um…I’m not sure, sweetie, I’ll have to look it up and get back to you.”

“No Mommy, you don’t have to look it up, they pee out honey, I already know that,” she told me matter-of-factly, suddenly remembering.

“I don’t think they pee it out, sweetie.”

Don’t get me wrong, I did learn a little bit about bees in my Biodiversity class at uni, but that little bit pretty much only extends to the fact that they are pollinators and that a virgin queen bee goes on a mating flight where she copulates with about 15 males, ripping off their penises in the process, which gets her enough sperm to sustain her baby-bee making needs for life.  We did not learn about how honey is made.  Maybe that is something I should just know, but I don’t.

“Yes they do, I saw it on Peppa Pig.”

“Are you sure that’s what they said on Peppa Pig?”

“Yeah, they said bees make honey.”

Obviously, in the mind of a three year old, make is synonymous with pee.

And now you’re curious how they actually make the honey aren’t you?  It’s not much better than pee, but if you really must ruin your affection for honey, Click here.

Meh, I’m still going to eat it.

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