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Funny looks at the supermarket

26 Sep

Yesterday was a bit of a write off.  Aaron was sick.  Hannah was sick. Or tired or something.  She was crying and throwing tantrums whenever she didn’t get her way.  Sounds like typical 2 year old stuff, but she only does that when she’s sick or really tired.  Daniel didn’t want to sleep.  Maybe he had a belly ache too.  Everyone but me.  Sigh (for them, not for me, I’m quite happy I didn’t have a belly ache!).  I never spend an entire morning at home, unless it’s when Aaron’s home and he takes Hannah somewhere so I can have a rest.  But yesterday, in addition to all the sick people, it was pouring down rain.  Pouring.  The kind where you look out the window and no matter how bored you are, you definitely don’t want to venture out there.

I must have gone soft.  I am, after all, from Washington State.  It’s always raining there….  Anyway, by the afternoon the rain had stopped.  Hannah and I were making cookies, but I didn’t have any baking powder, so we decided to venture to the supermarket, and finally get out of the house.

After walking around the supermarket for a little bit, in search of chicken soup for Aaron, and baking powder to finish the cookies, I got a bit hot.  They always crank up the heater on cold days and the aircon on hot days.  It’s never the right temperature…  I unzipped my jumper and kept shopping.  The supermarket was packed.  Seems everyone else was waiting for the rain to finish before venturing forth too.  People kept looking at me funny.  I thought maybe it was because I was wearing a backpack (nappies, spare clothes, and all the stuff you need for two kids just doesn’t fit in my purse, and a nappy bag hanging from my shoulder whilst carrying an infant and holding the hand of a toddler just doesn’t work.  So, backpack it is) and pushing around a double pram in the supermarket.

Then I got home, stepped out of the car, looked down for some odd reason, and it hit me.  I hadn’t actually pulled my shirt back down after breastfeeding Daniel before we left for the supermarket.  Sigh. Lucky for me I was wearing a breastfeeding singlet (tank top) under my normal shirt, so my belly wasn’t just hanging out, but I still looked very odd.  I’m sure one day I’ll forget to put my boob away after feeding and go out like that.  It wouldn’t surprise me.  I’m just that awesome.

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