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Zombie Party

10 Jan
foot print art

Hannah’s foot print and finger prints double as a zombie

I bet when Daniel is older, he’d love to have a Zombie themed birthday party. Heck, I think it sounds pretty fun myself! This weeks guest post is all about how to have a zombie birth party:

With a new zombie movie coming out almost every week and the most popular videos featuring zombie modes, the undead are gaining a foothold amongst today’s children like never before. With that in mind, here are some creative and fun ways to throw a zombie themed sleepover birthday party that will really bring your guests to life (or at least keep them undead).

Living Dead Face Paint
To kick off the zombie festivities, divide the kids into two different zombie themed teams. For example, decaying zombies, zombie princesses, bloody zombies, etc. Give each team sets of face paint and 20 minutes to paint each others faces in the most ghoulish ways they can devise while staying within their teams theme. If you have some old clothes you don’t need anymore, allowing the kids to have at them with scissors and fake blood can make for an extra bit of morbid dress up.

Zombie Sharks and Minnows
A game of zombie sharks and minnows can be a great way for the kids to act out their new personas. The birthday kid can start off as the original zombie and the rest of the guests can serve as uninfected humans – for now. Have the original zombie start off in the middle of a marked off area. All the uninfected humans must simultaneous run from one side of the playing field to the other, without being tagged, or “infected.” After they’ve been infected, they join the ranks of the undead, and can be revived when they find “antidotes,” or hidden zombie candies in the playing field, and eat them in front of one of the adult judges. At this point they can get back into the game as un-infected humans.

Who Can Eat the Most Humans?
By this point, the zombies will have built up quite an appetite for flesh. Let them satisfy their cravings with a brain shaped Jell-O mold eating contest. After a victor has been declared, the kids can bob for body parts; try using candy eyeballs instead of apples — just remember, no hands allowed — because let’s face it, zombies aren’t known for their table manners.

An Undead Cook Off and Feature Film
To round off the feast, let the kids make a few of their own zombie themed foods. One easy option is to give them all cooked hot dog segments and let them carve them into detached fingers with butter knives. Squirt some ketchup on the detached digits for fake blood. For desert, kids can make zombie themed bloody ice cream sundaes with strawberry syrup and zombie candy sprinkled on top. As they munch on their homemade snacks they can watch their favorite zombie movie. You can also find eyeball cake pop kits and other zombie themed snacks at stores like Target and online.

Scary Story Time
To cap off the night, all the kids should wash off their face paint (it will be far more frightening on your pillow cases), hop into their favorite kids pajamas and place them back into their teams. You can provide each group with a prompt for their zombie story; for example, one group can tell a story about how zombies were forced to battle werewolves for control of the post-apocalyptic world; another group could go over patient zero stories, or how they are the last survivors in the apocalypse. One other option is that they come up with a scary story about how they became their themed zombie team and use that as the basis of their story about how they became zombies. By this point, they will be dead tired and ready for bed.

With zombies in vogue like never before, most kids will be thrilled to host an undead party. By following these simple and exciting ideas, you can throw quite the monster mash for your own kids, without spending a ton of money. This should serve as your ultimate guide to treating your little nightmare to the very best birthday!

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