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How to make your jeans last longer

12 Jul

Four years ago, Aaron took me shopping for my birthday. I bought a nice watch (which I still wear), instead of a dodgy cheap one like I usually did. I also needed a pair of jeans. It’s so hard to find pants that fit me right. At 5’2″, I’m short, but I’m also thin and pear-shaped. Needless to say, finding pants is very, very hard.

I tried on a pair in a shop that I’d never been to before. They fit me perfectly. But they cost $100. Sigh. It was my birthday, so I got them anyway. Never in my life had I spent that much on a pair of pants. Or any article of clothing apart from my wedding dress.

That pair of jeans lasted for years. I wore them and wore them and they just kept going. (this is the same brand, but I couldn’t find the exact style. Probably because it was four years ago: Mavi Women’s Cora Indigo Nolita Low Rise Jean).

I’m always crawling around the floor with the kids. It started with Hannah. We didn’t allow her to watch TV until she was two, so I was constantly playing with her, sitting with her, reading to her, etc. Always on the floor.

My beloved pair of pants started to get worn out in the knees. They lasted up until a few months ago when the knees became so threadbare they pretty much fell apart. When I wore them, my poor knees were visible to the world, exposed and cold.

Time for some new pants. Sure, I had other pants, but I recently lost a lot of weight after having the kids, and none of my other pants fit anymore. I again went in search of the perfect pair of jeans. Again I stumbled upon that same brand. Only this time, they were $160. Sigh. I bought them anyway. Next time I should buy them from Amazon. They are only $68 there (Mavi Women’s Serena Rinse Brushed Nolita Low Rise Jean) They fit me well, and I know they’re well made and strong.

But I don’t want them to get ruined by crawling around the floor after the kids all day. So when I’m home, I wear house pants. Or pyjama pants. Whatever is clean and not my good pants. They are not the most flattering. Fine, they are not even remotely flattering. Or good looking, cute, etc.

One pair I wear is a horrid shade of grey, with a pink and a yellow stripe down the side. The cord that you tie in front has long since fallen out, and the butt area is all saggy. Another pair is pink with white stars. Only they are so old that the stars are pretty much half stars now, if they haven’t fallen off all together. They are all too big.

So boy oh boy was I excited when a e-mail from Alexander Del Rossa Sleepwear showed up in my inbox. They wanted to know if I’d review an article of my choice for my blog. I found this adorable pair of pink and purple plaid pyjama pants that I oh so wanted to traipse around the house in instead of my hideous gray sweats. And instead of ruining my new expensive pair of jeans.

Cute, right?

I asked for a small pair. I’m used to needing something a little bigger than an extra small to allow room for my hips. Pear shaped, remember? Ample but and hips, tiny waist. In hind sight, I probably should have used the nice sizing guide that is available on their website. Sigh.

I tried them on as soon as they came. I expected the legs to be too long. They always are. Pants aren’t generally made for small people. You can always take them up, but you can’t add to the bottom if they are too short….

I was swimming in them. Running has made me lose some centimetres off my hips and thighs. I don’t think they’ve been this small since I was about 15. The pants looked ridiculous on me. Which is a shame because they are so soft and warm.  Yes, I should have gotten the extra-small. Sigh.

Swimming in my pyjama pants. Yes, that’s the kids’ room, but it’s the only place with a full length mirror in which to take my own photo…. And yes, it’s messy. Daniel loves pulling all of the books off the shelf. Sigh.

I left them folded up on my floor for a week, trying to think of someone I could give them to who might fit in them.

Then one day it was really cold. I saw those pants sitting on my floor, looking all warm and cosy. I really wanted to wear them. I put them on.

Nope, still too big.

Hannah has a tiny waist too. Her pants are pretty much always too big around the waist. Often to keep them from falling down, I fold the top over. They stay up, and fit her better that way. Maybe I could do the same thing with the jammy pants?

Nope, still too big.

I folded them again.

Still too big.

I folded them a third time.

Viola! Now they are the right length, and don’t fall off. They are so warm/cosy/soft/comfortable! And  a whole lot better looking then my other hideous house pants. Even when folded over three times. I’ll definitely be keeping them to myself….

See, perfect fit!

-Inexpensive, only $9.99 a pair!
-Sizing chart on website (if you’re smart enough to use it. Not like me…)
-Ships internationally

-Not made for short people


*I received a free pair of Alexander Del Rossa  pyjama pants for review. Opinion expressed is my own and not influenced by the fact that the pants were free.

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