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I found a puppy

21 Nov

I am free.  For the summer….  I finished my last exam for the year, and don’t have to think about university again until late February / early March.  Except to register for next years classes.

Anyway, after my last exam, YaYa and I went on a quest to see a puppy.  My silly GPS took us to the wrong street that we thought was the right street, and we spent 10 minutes buzzing the intercom of the wrong house.  I was told the house in question was Italian looking and the GPS  took us to the most Italian looking house that I’ve ever seen in Australia.  Turns out the correct house was Italian looking, just not compared to the wrong house.  I wonder if the residents of the wrong house watched in amusement as I pressed their intercom repeatedly whilst straining to listen for barks and puppy noises. I would have knocked on the door, but it was about 10 feet behind a locked fence next to the intercom.

Eventually, we decided that perhaps we were in the wrong place, and decided to drive around.  We got lost in windy one way suburban crazy roads and then finally arrived at the correct house where we found a lovely couple and lots of adorable Beaglier x mini foxy puppies.  I picked the rambunctious yet sweet girl puppy called Sandy for her sandy coloured patches.

Our future puppy. Right now she is only 3 weeks old.

Our future puppy. Right now she is only 3 weeks old.

Of course that name will probably change, but we’ll let Hannah decide.  Thankfully, it probably won’t be changed to Otis, since I remembered that Clarabelle from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has a little female dog named Bella. Now Hannah likes Bella for a female dog.  Phew.

We were invited in for tea and coffee and we got to cuddle little Sandy for ages whilst we had a nice chat with the lovely owner of the dogs.

Sleeping on my chest and being adorable.

Sleeping on my chest and being adorable.

I’ll pick her up on Christmas Eve, bring her home after the kids are in bed, and then on Christmas morning, they will get the best Christmas present ever!  I can’t wait!  And we’re going to video their reactions, so stay tuned.

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