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A stupid injury

28 Aug

Every time I cough, I’m in pain. When I sneeze? Oh goodness, I don’t even want to talk about that! Laughing hurts. Taking a deep breath hurts.

When I broke my wrist, and wrote it in a Facebook status, a friend commented that knowing me, it must have been done in some weird/crazy fashion. Yeah, it was (you can read about it here if you so choose).

But this injury? It’s just embarrassing. And ridiculous. Sigh. I’ve had this obnoxious, horrible cough for 2 weeks.

Aaron had been sleeping on the couch to avoid waking up a million times a night to my obnoxious coughing, so finally I decided enough was enough and took myself to the doctor.

Turns out I had a throat infection and I got some antibiotics. After a couple of doses, my cough started clearing up. But I still had some coughing fits. Just not as many.

Cough cough. Cough cough. I was coughing hard. And fast. And then my left side hurt. Right under my boob. It wasn’t terrible though. Just a little sore.

Until I coughed some more the next day. The pain expanded from the from the very inside edge of my ribs to my side. Every cough was agony. But I still needed to cough. It hasn’t gone completely away yet.

I pulled a muscle in my chest coughing. Yes, that’s right, coughing. Sigh. What am I, 80 years old?

The doctor told me to take Nurofen,  an anti-inflammatory pain reliever, 3 times per day.

Now if only I could go to the gym. I can’t do weights because it would hurt my pulled muscle. And I can’t run because at the moment running makes me cough and coughing is agony. Did  I mention I’ve signed up for a fun run in a couple of weeks? My very first race? Yeah, great timing. Not that I could run as fast as I want anyway, since I will be pushing a pram.

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