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It’s official, I’m delicious

12 Feb

I have been having a terrible run in the sleeping department lately.  Sure, some of it can be put down to sore boobs (if I forget to put my sleeping bra on), having to pee at least once per night, and losing my giant body pillow off the edge of the bed.  These things happen when pregnant.  There’s also the disgustingly hot nights.  Oh, and Aaron’s snoring, but that doesn’t actually wake me up, it just prevents me from going back to sleep.

None of those things are the real problem.  The real problem is the mosquito.  I’m pretty sure it’s some sort of mutant freakshow super mosquito, but I’ve never actually seen it, so I can’t be certain.  Every night this mosquito waits until I’m fully asleep, and then he makes his move.  Obnoxious mosquito starts by feasting on me.  Since it’s so hot, and I have a personal furnace in my uterus, I’m not under even a sheet, giving obnoxious mosquito free range on my whole body. Except my boobs, they’re covered so they don’t get so sore that they fall off in the middle of the night.  Obnoxious mosquito prefers to feast on the parts that are most awkward when bitten, and seem to itch the most.  Like last night, he feasted from my ear lobe, the little space between the knuckles on my toes, and under my chin.

After his apparently delicious meal, I wake up itching.  I don’t mean I wake up because I’m so itchy, I mean I wake up because I’m actually scratching like mad in my sleep to the point where it wakes me up.  Now that I’m awake, I have to pee.  I go to the toilet, do my business and apply some calamine lotion to all my itchy spots (but it never seems to work very well), all in the dark.  I don’t like to turn the lights on in the middle of the night because then I’d really be awake.

I go back to my room, put on more bug spray, bed position my giant pillow, and attempt to go back to sleep.  It takes a while, but finally, I’m pretty much there.  And then obnoxious mosquito strikes again, flying pretty much into my ear and making it’s obnoxious buzzing noise.  I swear he does it on purpose.  I swat madly at the mosquito (which is pretty much me hitting myself in the face), while rolling around madly in the bed like I’m on fire.  Little bugger always gets away.  Aaron somehow sleeps through the whole thing, oblivious to the mosquitos evil attacks and the ruckus I cause.  He sleeps soundly next to me, wearing not a drop of bug spray, while I reapply three times a night and still get feasted on.  Maybe it likes all of my extra blood, full of pregnancy hormones.  Yeah, yeah, I’m delicious.  I wish I wasn’t.

21 Mar

As I write this, I’m sitting on my bed with my feet up (wonderful!!), and my sunburnt shoulders covered by an oversized comfortable t-shirt, while watching “The Italian Job.” My idea of a good relaxing day (minus the sunburn). Yesterday I got all dressed up, including facsinator (the things girls wear on their heads to go to the races) to go to a hens day. We played a few rounds of lawn bowls (which contrary to what one may think, is actually quite fun). The sun was shining all day (hence the sunburn). None of us even thought to put on sunscreen for some strange reason. I suppose when you think bowls you think bowling which is inside, even though all of us know lawn bowls are outside. Point is, we all got sunburnt, even the bride who is wearing a strapless dress at her wedding one week from now. Hopefully her burn will fade.

We then went to a very nice terrace house (for those of you who don’t know, a terrace house is a very narrow but tall, usually 3-4 stories, house that has others just like it connected on both sides. They were built in Sydney many years ago. Most have been renovated and restored and still stand today) that the maid of honour rented. She made a lovely high tea including scrumptious pumpkin scones which we all happily scarfed while drinking white peach tea and playing taboo. I unfortunately got one of the not so nice side effects of pregnancy whilst at high tea, very bad leg cramping, which made everyone worry and look at me kinda funny. I walked around for a little while trying to find a comfortable position so my leg muscle would untighten and we could play on. This took a while, but it finally went away. I also had an involuntary farting while sneezing incident, but luckily no one noticed. It’s just so much harder to control such things when pregnant.

Mushi is kicking more now. At least I notice it more probably because he/she is getting bigger on a daily basis. Sometimes the little feet linger against my belly and I can almost grab one. You can visibly see a lot of the kicks. It’s like my belly is alive! I’m also getting more and more akward in my movements, especially getting up. I must look really silly in the morning when trying to get out of bed. I have one of those long pregnancy pillows that I have to get over to then get out of bed. You wouldn’t think that would be a hard task as it’s only as tall as a normal pillow, which, let’s face it, is not that tall, but when you have a big akward belly and all this extra weight on you, it’s like trying to get over a mountain. I think I might have said that already in another post, but I’m pregnant, I forget stuff. Let’s take yesterday for example. Since my strap broke on my big awesome purple purse, I have been using my small purse which only fits my wallet, keys and phone and nothing else. I decided yesterday to take out my wallet and just put in the money I needed and my drivers licence in case I needed it at the bowling club to be able to bowl (I did not), so that I could fit plenty of snacks in there also. What I did forget is my swipe card to get me back into my apartment building, and then up the elevator. Aaron was going to go to Penrith last night to see his friends, but luckily, his friends cancelled. So, I was able to get back inside once I got home. Aaron on the other hand, had to wait for me to actually get in to the apartment. He was looking at a few apartments to rent while I was at the hens day, but forgot his actual keys to unlock the door (sympathetic baby brain?). He had to go to Chatswood to shop, and see a movie by himself all day. Luckily between the two of us, we had everything we needed to get back home. Aaron bought the best juiciest strawberries for me while he was at the shops. MMmmmm… I might go eat some now.

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