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Under the jacaranda

12 Nov

I love this time of year. It’s hot, but not disgustingly hot, and the Jacaranda trees are all in bloom. Wherever I look, I see beautiful purple flowers covering the trees. The flowers fall off the trees and make lawns and sidewalks turn purple. And we all know how much I like purple.

There happens to be a Jacaranda tree in the neighbours yard that hangs over the half-fallen down fence and drops flowers all over our garage area. The day of the storm , the sky was overcast, the flowers were newly fallen, and Hannah and I had some free time whilst Daniel had a nap. In other words, perfect portrait conditions. And believe you me, I took advantage of it. I had to before the sun came out and put horrible dark shadows and bright patches all over Hannah’s face, and obviously before the pretty purple flowers blanketing the driveway turned to hideous brown mush that gets all over your shoes and makes you slip.

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Being 3, she currently enjoys putting on her best fake smile for the camera, which, even though it’s totally fake and obviously fake, is pretty adorable. See the fence behind her? It’s missing half the boards, and another quarter of them are attached only at the bottom and hanging off towards the driveway, nails and all. Sometimes they completely fall off and I have to get out of the car and shove them up against the fence so they don’t scratch the WRX as I drive past. Stupid fence.

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The Best Mom Blogs


8 Nov

In the U.S., you can hop on into Walmart or somewhere like that and pay $60 to get a whole package of kids portraits.  Not here.  Here you pay at least $70 to buy one 8×10.  But, I couldn’t resist when Little Masterpiece Studio  was in the area.  Probably because I used to work there.  I took so many portraits of little kids sitting with teddy bears, dressed as fairies, chefs, etc.  Now I want photos of my kids like that.

But as I said, the price of photos of here (in Australia…) is quite high, and we are saving for a house.  So, could you please please please click here to see the below photo on Little Masterpiece’s facebook page, and then click the ‘like’ button.  If Hannah and Daniel’s photo gets the most likes, I get a large photo for free.

And yes, that is a tie on Daniel’s shirt.  Adorable!  Thanks for making it Fiona!

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