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Pike Place market with a toddler

31 Mar
Pike place market sign

another sign shot with the sun behind it

Pike Place Market is a busy place.  My Dad, Mom and I took Hannah there on Friday.  Since we’ve been here, she hasn’t wanted to be strapped in anything. Not shopping trolleys, car seats, the pram, or otherwise.  But there were so many people and so much to see that she happily stayed in her pram and took everything in.  No cries of “Mommy up!  Mommy out!” or anything of the sort were heard.

Vendors were everywhere, selling everything you could think of, from flowers to hot fresh apple cider (which is delicious, and only $1.50 a cup!) to t-shirts.  There were tons of flower vendors.  I’m not sure how all of them possibly made enough money, but I suppose they somehow did or they wouldn’t be there.  We saw the famous fish throwers, and tried some chocolate pasta (tasty, by the way).  They had all kinds of fruits and vegetables, spices, hand made trinkets, clothes, and jewelery.  People were wandering about everywhere.

It’s kind of hard to manouvre a pram through the large crowds in the small aisles, especially if you are there with other people,

tourist taking photos

Dad taking photos

but that’s part of the fun. Often, I lost my parents in the crowd.  Hannah and I would just stay put, taking photos while we waited for them to find us.  It was easier for them to look for us, since they didn’t have to negotiate foot traffic with a pram like I did.

There isn’t really a lot for a toddler to do at Pike Place, but seeing everything seems to be enough amusement.  Plus, I bought Hannah a punnet of fresh blueberries which she happily munched on while we slowly looked at everything.  There is a grassy bit of land just outside the market that overlooks a freeway and the Puget Sound, where you can see ferries coming in and out and let rambunctious toddlers go for a run.

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