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8 Feb

After waiting more than a month for our new NAS (which Aaron tells me means networked attached storage. Whatever that means), Aaron got an email from the company he bought it from saying that they tried to deliver it, but we weren’t home.  If we’d like them to try again, it would cost an extra $10.  Um…what?

I’ve had plenty of things delivered here via courier and otherwise, and if we’re not home, they leave a little note saying to call the courier company to arrange a drop off time.  Easy.  Not with this place.  I don’t even know which courier company they used. I actually think that they didn’t use any courier company. Because as I said, they always leave a note. And they make it easy for you to contact them.  The goods don’t go back to the company after one failed attempt.  That would not be good business, and besides, not very many people are home in the middle of the day anyway.

After that little incident, Aaron did a bit of research on the internet and found many, many comments about said company being a scam.  Sigh.  The only reason we bought it from that particular place is that they were the only ones who had the exact model of NAS that we already had.

You know, the one that blew up in the freak storm.  The one that held every single one of our digital photos that go back almost 10 years.  We have some photos of Hannah printed, framed, and on our walls.  We have a couple of photo books full of nothing but images of her.  But I haven’t yet gotten around to making a photo book full of Daniel, or printing photos of him for the walls.  And guess where all of the photos of him were? On the NAS.  The one that blew up. Yes, that one.

We were hoping and praying that if we bought another NAS, exactly the same as the first, we could take the hard drives out, put them in the new one, and they would magically work.  Maybe it would just be the plug that was shot, and not the hard drives.  We’d have the best chance of revival if we got the same model.  Something about the array and how it reads the drives.  I don’t know, I’m not a computer nerd, but Aaron told me something of the like.

As soon as we realised the company was dodgy, we got online and attempted to find someone else that had the same NAS.  We found one we thought was the same, but when it came, less than a week later, it was a little different.  It also didn’t read the drives.  Or they were corrupted.  Or something.

Aaron found some software online that claimed to be able to recover things from corrupted drives.  “It costs $60 bucks though.” He told me.

“I don’t care what it costs, I want those photos.” Seriously, photos of my babies are priceless.

We did manage to recover most of them.  It took hours and hours, but we have most of them back.  Some are completely gone though.

Shortly after the NAS blew up, I got an email asking if I’d like to be an ambassador for Limetree.  I clicked the link and found an absolutely fantastic idea:  You upload photos, videos, even letters and set a date for them to be delivered to your child(ren).  They are stored online (though privately, no one else will have access to your photos/videos), so even if your house burns down, you will still have your precious photos.  Even if your NAS blows up, if you uploaded them on Limetree, you will still have them.


On the delivery date, your child will get to see years and years of photos and videos.  You can show them their first bike ride (and you’d better believe we took video of that!), first day of school, the first time they held their baby sibling.  The list goes on and on.  I can only imagine the excitement I would have felt if Limetree was around when I turned 18 and my parents had it set up.  I would smile as I looked at photos of my gigantic fat baby self, and when I used to crawl on the table to steal cherry tomatoes out of the salad, and my first pony ride.  What a priceless gift, and definitely one I want to give to my children.  I know they will feel so loved and so special when they receive their photo and video delivery on their 18th birthdays (which is when I’m setting the delivery date for).

My brother and me when we were little. See, I told you I was a fat little thing.

My brother and me when we were little. See, I told you I was a fat little thing.

I know that all the photos I upload for them, and videos too, are safe no matter what happens to us and our computers and/0r house.  What a fantastic idea.  And even better, you can do it for free.  Or, if you’re like me, and take a million and one photos of each event, you can upgrade to a very reasonably priced paid plan.

Needless to say, I am an ambassador for Limetree.  And they gave me a premium membership too.

Not only me though, they are also offering 15, yes, FIFTEEN of my readers premium memberships as well.  If you are one of the first 15 readers to comment on this post, you will win yourself a premium membership for one year.  After that, you can go down to a free membership, and you won’t lose any of the photos and videos you’re already uploaded, or you can renew your premium membership yourself.  Oh, and Limetree would love it if you like’d their facebook page.  And of course, I’d love it if you like’d Mommy Adventures’ page too 🙂

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