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Hannah the helper baby

8 Feb

Long ago, we discovered that Hannah is a worker.  When something is spilled, she runs to get a towel and clean it up.  When I go grocery shopping, she unpacks all the cold stuff and puts it in the fridge (I of course move it, but that is not the point).  Yesterday she carried a 2 litre bottle of milk in each hand, from the bag to the fridge.  She helps me unload the dishwasher, load the washing machine, cook, put clothes away, sweep, vacuum, you name it, she will help with it.

We don’t force her to help, she wants to do it.  If we don’t let her, she gets really cranky and annoyed.  She could be playing, but helping is far more fun to her.

I just hope when she is older, she likes to help just as much….

P.S. yes, the shed in the background in the clothes shot is the shed.  In case you were wondering….

How many bubbas?

21 Jan

I must have drawn about 50 bubbas yesterday.  Every day Hannah wants me to draw her bubbas.  And by bubba, she means herself.  We’ve been calling her Bubba since she was born.  She comes up to me carrying her magnetic draw (that’s the knock off version of a Magna-doodle) and tells me “Bubba. Bubba.”  Recently she has been more specific “Bubba Hannah. Peeeaaaasssss.”  Of course I draw one for her.  When she says please, it’s the most adorable thing ever.

As soon as I’m finished, she promptly gets one of the magnet shapes and colours over the bubba.  Then she erases it and asks me to draw her a bubba again.

It’s not just the knock off Magna-doodle, she asks me to draw bubbas on pieces of paper.

When we’re outside, she asks me to draw bubba with her sidewalk chalk on the cement under the awning.

Only while we’re out there, she branches out and asks me to draw Daddy, Mommy, Grandma, Jess, Jim, and/or YaYa.

Once, she asked me to draw her a deer.  Actually, I’m pretty sure she said ‘Oh dear’ (Grandma’s influence), but in my mind, she totally wanted me to draw her a deer.

On a couple of occasions, Hannah asked me to draw her a car.  But then she said Bubba, so I drew her in the car.

Sometimes I draw her a chicken just to shake it up a bit, but then she gets upset and asks me to draw her a bubba.

When we get the duplo out, she asks me to make her a bubba.

“Hannah, if you’re Bubba, what are we going to call the new bubba when it’s born?”  I asked her (after drawing the 50th bubba for the day).

“Gone. Be gone.” Yeah, she actually said that.  Oh snap.

Your reasoning is flawed

17 Jan

Today was a really hot day.  One of those disgustingly hot and humid days that make you wanna lay on your couch with an airconditioner in your face, ice cream in hand (and mouth).

Bang, crash! I heard the sound of something breaking in the kitchen.

Grandma with the fireman calendar I got her as a joke for Christmas. Except she actually liked this guy.

“It’s all the shaking.”  Grandma said, looking at the broken bowl on the floor.  Grandma wishes she could stop, but she is constantly shaking.  She has t0 have her cups of tea in those insulted cups with lids so she doesn’t spill it all over herself and the floor on the way to her room. “Luckily it was only the one.”

“Why are you doing the dishes Grandma, I’ll do them later.”  I always do them at 5:30 or 5:45pm.  Yeah, I’m an organisational/scheduled freak show.  I know that, you don’t need to tell me.  I even bought a dishwasher so Grandma wouldn’t feel bad about me doing the dishes.  Well, that and I told Grandma that when we moved in I would do the dishes but there were always far too many and I’m used to having a dishwasher.

“I’m just putting away the dishes in the dish drainer.”


Ugh.  It was so hot.  I wanted to make sure Hannah got enough fluids, so I put some V8 juice in a sippy cup and went to the sink to dilute it with water.

“What are you doing Grandma? I’ll do the dishes later.”

“I’m only doing them because the water is cool.  I’ll get cooler doing the dishes.”

“You’ll get cool if you sit in the playroom with us, in the air conditioning.”

No comment from Grandma.

I put the juice cup under the tap that was filling the sink to do the dishes.  “That’s not cool water Grandma!”  It was HOT!

“Well…”  Grandma didn’t finish her sentence.

“Your reasoning is flawed Grandma.”

A hot New Years day

3 Jan

New Years day was stinking hot.  Ugh, grossly hot.  Turn-on-the-air-conditioner-and-it’s-still-way-too-hot hot.  39.1 degrees celsius (102.3F) hot.  Needless to say, we didn’t really want to stay in the house (or play outside) for fear of melting.  Instead, we went to Bunnings to check out BBQ’s.  They have little trolleys for kids to push around which Hannah loved.  They have an indoor playground, and lots of display cubby houses and slides that you’re not really supposed to play on, but everyone does anyway.  Hannah had lots of fun there, giving me a good excuse to try out my new little pocket digital camera that Aaron bought me for Christmas (that just so happens to be purple).

Hannah hung out with me in the bathroom while I got ready to go.  Unfortunately, she found my stash of tampons and decided it would be a grand idea to take every single one out of the box and open it.  I would have stopped her, but it was hilarious, so instead, I got the camera out.

In the afternoon, Grandma, Hannah, and I went to the club (Penrith RSL club), which isn’t really a toddler place, but it’s big, air conditioned, and has plenty of room for rambunctious toddlers to run.  “Can’t someone make that girl be quiet?”  A rather haggard looking oldish man said to me.  “No.”  I replied. He looked annoyed.  His friend smiled and gave me the thumbs up.  She wasn’t even being loud, she was just running.  Eventually she slipped, hit her lip on a table, and bled a little.  Time to go.

Next stop Kmart.  Again to look at BBQ’s.  Only they ran out and didn’t even have any display models.  We grabbed a large ball and I gave it to Hannah.  Kmart of course, is an awesome place to kick a ball around if you’re a tiny toddler in need of lots of space.  She also enjoyed the pets section, particularly the dog shampoo which had pictures of “dog-dogs” on the front.  People probably thought I was mad letting my little girl kick a ball around Kmart, but whatever, I don’t particularly care, she had a great time.  Plus it was nice and cool in there.

It finally started getting a bit cooler when we got home, so Hannah helped Daddy wash the car.  Give her a task to do and she is in heaven.  Actually, we didn’t ask her to help, she just started helping.  That is Hannah.  She helps me put all the clothes in the washing machine, she washes up any spills she makes, she helps sweep the floor, she tries to clean the bath tub when she is in it.  She just loves to clean.  She gets cranky if I don’t let her help.  Despite the disgusting heat, we had a great day.

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