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The day I wrote about muumuu’s

20 Feb

MuuMuu House Dress – Modern Flowers Petal Sleeves Caftan Kaftan Hawaiian Aloha Pullover Cotton Lounger – Regular and Plus Size

January 19, 2011.  The day started out like any other.  I took Hannah and Grandma out shopping.  Grandma read Hannah a story in the car.  I thought the story was about muumuu’s when really Grandma was saying moo-moo instead of cow.  I wrote a post about it.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

But then something weird happened.  Every single day since I wrote that post, I have been getting at least 10 views a day on my blog from people typing ‘muumuu’ or ‘muumuu dress’ or something of the like into search engines.

The first time I saw that so many people were finding my blog from searching muumuu’s, I thought it was rather hilarious.

“Aaron, check this out!”  I said as I laughed.  “Who searches muumuu’s?”

But then I started wondering….  Seriously, who searches for muumuu’s and why are they searching?  This isn’t just one person, this is multiple people, every single day since that day in January.

I tried googling muumuu’s myself, just to see how high up in the search my blog came in.  I got bored after checking 3 pages of the search.  So, multiple people are googling (or yahooing, or whatever they use) muumuu’s and somehow finding my blog even though it’s not even on the first 3 pages?  What?  So what is it with muumuu’s?  I seriously don’t know.  I can’t figure it out.  Is it some sort of strange fetish or something?  Why are so many people searching for muumuu’s?  Then one day came my personal favourite muumuu search.  Yeah, someone actually typed this into their search engine:

Now I really think it’s some sort of fetish or something.  People are so weird….  I checked the blog stats today.  Yeah, still getting hits from  muumuu searches.  I’m sure this post will get even more muumuu searches, but at least I can laugh about what people type into search engines.  Plus, they will be thoroughly disappointed when they are looking for photos of large women wearing muumuu’s and instead get this post, which is pretty much me making fun of them.  HAHAHAHA!

But maybe I’m completely wrong, maybe people are searching for muumuu’s for entirely different reasons.  If you got this blog entry from searching for muumuu’s, please, indulge me: why are you searching for muumuu’s?

A book about muumuu’s?

19 Jan

I was driving home with Grandma and Hannah in the backseat (Grandma is scared to sit in the front because she thinks I may just kill her with my driving, and she doesn’t want to actually witness it.  She says she sits in the back because it’s more supportive to her neck).

“There’s a little girl.”  I heard Grandma say to Hannah.  I glanced in the mirror.  Grandma was pointing things out in one of Hannah’s story books.

“There’s a little muumuu.”  What?  Visions of a little girl wearing an awful might-as-well-wear-a-burlap-sack-for-a-dress muumuu filled my head.  What the heck kind of book was this?

MuuMuu House Dress – Modern Flowers Petal Sleeves Caftan Kaftan Hawaiian Aloha Pullover Cotton Lounger – Regular and Plus Size

I’m embarrassed just looking at this picture

“There’s a big muumuu.”  Why does Hannah have a story book filled with people wearing muumuu’s?  Yuck.

“There’s a baa baa.”

Oh, now I get it.

“Cow!” I tell Hannah from the front seat.  Not that she could hear me since my mouth was facing the windshield, and not her.

Sure, it may be cute if she calls cows moo moo’s now.  Not so much when she is like 5 and thinks that is actually what they are called.  I don’t want her to be that kid at school that no one talks to because she goes over to all the books and starts making animal noises and doesn’t know what people are talking about when they ask her if she has a dog at home (what’s a dog?  Oh, you mean a woof woof?).

No, a cow is called a cow, and it says Moo.  Now how do I tell Grandma that I don’t want my child thinking animals are called the noise they make?  I don’t want to insult her, or make her get cranky and hide in her room for an hour sulking.  How do I nicely let her know that a cow is not in fact called a moo moo?  Sigh, being non-confrontational is hard.

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