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22 weeks, 4 days

5 Mar

5 March 2009

Hi Everyone,
Aaron and I decided to make a family blog so that you can keep up with our expanding little family. Today we are 22 weeks and 4 days pregnant. We have decided to call the little one Mushi while in the womb so we didn’t have to call him (we don’t know if it is a he or she, and have decided to wait until born to find out, but rather then saying it, we will say he) it anymore. Mushi currently enjoys kicking Mommy’s insides, and teasing Daddy by not kicking when Daddy (or anyone else) is trying to feel it. Mushi is due on July 5th.
Yesterday was a very good day for us, I had a nice birthday, and Aaron got a new job that he will like more and learn more from. We are going to start looking around for a new place to live very soon as our lease runs out, and we currently live in a small one bedroom apartment which definitely won’t work once Mushi is born.

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