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The old man

31 Dec

“Are you seeing this?” Aaron asked me, laughing as we drove along.

“No, what?” I was looking out the window in the opposite direction.

“Over there.”


“I think his underwear are from 1970.”

We laughed and laughed as we drove past.  It’s not every day that you see an old man mowing the lawn right next to a busy road wearing only his droopy maroon underpants, with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and skin that resembled leather.  Only in the western suburbs….


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Daddy, I’ll help mow the lawn

8 Jan

The weather has been particularly obnoxious recently.  One day it’s 40 degrees celsius (104 F), the next it’s torrential rain, thunder, and 19 celsius (66 F).  Not good weather to mow the lawn.  Incidentally, the lawn has decided to take over, embarrassing Grandma to no end and making the front yard resemble an unkempt jungle.

Today, it was hot yes, but not disgustingly, lay-on-the-couch-in-misery hot, it wasn’t raining (although it looks like it may later), and no thunder has clapped as yet.  So, Aaron mowed the lawn.

Good day for some lawn mowin'

Hannah watched Daddy with interest and when Daddy was done, she got an idea.

an idea was brewing

Hannah ran as fast as her little legs would carry her all the way from the front yard through the side gate and to the back yard.  She went straight for her toy lawn mower, grabbed it with reckless abandon and headed back to the front yard.  Sure, Daddy was finished mowing the lawn, but one adorable look from Hannah and he followed her (with lawn mower) back to the front yard.

Come on Daddy, I'll help you!

Hannah and Daddy “mowed” the front lawn together like it was going out of fashion, while I, of course, took photos.  Hannah just loves to help.  She is a little helper bubba.

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