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29 weeks

20 Apr

Pregnancy: 29 weeks 2 Days
Total weight gain: not sure, too busy packing, moving and unpacking….
Baby size (head to butt): 26cm (10.23in)
Baby weight: 1.15kgs (2.53lbs)

Just a word of warning with this post: If something doesn’t make any sense at all, or if I’m rambling about anything or nothing, it is because I’m very very tired from working like a mad woman packing/moving/unpacking for the last week. I know I should have a rest, but there are things to be done darn it! Aaron said to me yesterday “you know you only work 4 hours per day because you are pregnant and need a rest right?” Me: “Yes, but I NEED to unpack everything!” Apparently I don’t understand that things don’t all have to be done at once, and can take my time. I’ll work on that. My feet are still swollen from all the packing (I packed while Aaron was at work), and unpacking (again while Aaron is at work), but the sleep last night helped. I’ll have a nice bath and a nap (not at the same time of course…) when I get home.

Our new place is lovely (can’t remember if I told you about it last week, so here we go again if I did. Sorry). Wait, I think I did describe it last week, so I won’t do it again. I could just look at the blog for myself, but I can’t be bothered. We did find out that there are lots of cockroaches in our new place. Had we found this out when we first got the keys, we could have roach bombed it, but now it’s too late. I don’t want to be breathing in fumes that kill things. I don’t think Mushi would appreciate that very much! The cans say you can re enter a room after 2 hours, but of course, the can doesn’t allow for paranoid pregnant women. Instead, we put out a lure’n’kill in every room. They seem to be doing the job quite nicely (although a lot slower then the bomb). I spent all day last Friday scrubbing the inside of the cupboards which were filled with roach dander and poo, as well as more spiders then I think I’ve seen my entire life. Not poisionous ones (I don’t think anyway. They looked like daddy longleggs to me. Oh dear, I just spelled leg with 2 gg’s. Special…).

Yesterday I unpacked pretty much everything that was left to unpack (Aaron and I got a lot of it done on Sunday, and I got the kitchen pretty much done on Saturday). After unpacking every single box, I discovered a problem. Where are all the bowls? I’m not talking about just the small bowls, or just the large ones, I’m talking about every single bowl that we own (apart from the one that was in the dishwasher that I remembered to bring last minute). How do you lose an entire large box full of bowls? I looked in the car, in every room of the house, everywhere, but still, the bowls are nowhere to be seen. So how do you lose a box full of bowls? Well, you get a pregnant woman to do the packing, that’s how. I’m pretty sure I forgot to pack them at all. I think they are still sitting happily in the cupboard at the old unit. I thought I remembered packing them, and was adamant that I had. But then, I really thought about it, and my memory was putting the large fruit bowl stacked with the other large bowls after washing it. I was assuming that was stacking it in a box, but the more I think about it, the more I’m sure it was the cupboard and not a box. Darn pregnancy brain! Luckily I’m going there today for the final inspection, so I can have a look. Unluckily, I will have to explain to the real estate agent why there is a cupboard full of bowls, and that I will need to keep my keys for one extra day to get said bowls when Aaron returns home from work. I can’t exactly lug an entire box of bowls on the bus (or on the walk to the bus).

We had our second antenatal class on Thursday. The infamous knitted uterus made it’s first appearance, complete with fake back, and knitted placenta and umbilical cord. I hope that’s not what my uterus actually looks like (or baby for that matter!). We were given some homework as well, a photocopied sheet of a crying baby. Now we should have done the homework straight away, but of course, we didn’t. I can’t remember now if we are supposed to list reasons why babies cry, or what to do when they do cry. If we chose one and then it turns out to be the other, we are going to look very silly indeed.

Quite a few nights last week Mushi was having his party at 3am. I think he was trying to reproduce the get down tonight video from YouTube (see below). That’s what it feels like anyway.

That’s all for now, see you (well, write) next week!

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